Most anticipated book releases 2020

Most anticipated book releases 2020

2020 is approaching fast, and in my world, that can only mean one thing – a whole load of new book releases!

January new releases: 

January is bringing two new very exciting sequels – The Night Country by Melissa Albert and A Heart So Fierce And Broken by Bridget Kemmerer. 

The Night Country is the sequel to the brilliant Hazel Wood, which was released in 2018. The story followed Alice, as she discovers the mystery behind her mother’s disappearance, and what it has to do with her grandmother’s dark book of fairytales. It was dark and slightly twisted, and I loved it. To say I’m excited about the sequel is an understatement.

A Heart So Fierce And Broken, is the sequel, to A Curse So Dark And Lonely – a Beauty And The Beast retelling following Harper, a girl with cerebral palsy, who is taken to Prince Rhen’s kingdom against her will to stop his curse. The aforementioned book ended on one hell of a plot twist, and I cannot wait to see how it’s resolved!


My most anticipated book of the year – Come Tumbling Down by Seanan MacGuire.  This is the fifth book in her Wayward Children series – a series of portal fantasy novellas. You follow children who have gone through magical doors to fantastical worlds, only to, years later, be chucked back out into our world, sometimes unable to go back to their fantastical homes. Come Tumbling Down is specifically dealing with Jack, who alongside her sister, Jill, ended up in a world filled with vampires and Frankenstein-type doctors. Jack aces to save her missing sister. I’m so excited to get back to this series again, especially when the story is covering Jack and Jill, my favourite characters of this entire, sprawling series! 

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A comic heavy month, with four different series. 

Two Black Widow comics that I will read these in the lead up to the highly anticipated Black Widow movie! First is Black Widow: Widowmaker – a bind-up of Natasha’s latest escapades in the comic world of Marvel!  There’s also the first volume of her new series – The Web of Black Widow. I am looking forward to going into another Natasha series blind since I like the surprises her stories always bring. All I know is that one of them brings Wolverine and the Winter Soldier into the story. Which is all need to know for me to go running to buy it!

Doctor Strange- Strange Academy. In this series, Doctor Strange is doing something new – he’s opening a school in New Orleans, specifically for magic users, with the help of Wanda Maximov! I’m always down for new Doctor Strange adventures, but the idea of him opening a school to teach magic sings to my X-Men loving, want-to-go-to-Xavier’s-School heart! 

Finally, March is also bringing Derek Landy’s Falcon And The Winter Soldier. which, for me, is a recipe for pure joy! I’ve loved Derek Landy’s Skulduggery Pleasant series since I was a kid.  Now he’s writing for two of my favourite characters? Heaven! 


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Could go one of two ways, depending on whether Tom and Giovanna Fletcher release Eve Of Man 2 or not. This release day has been pushed back a year,  so it’s anyone’s guess as to when this book is actually coming out. Each way, I’m excited to read it, whenever it happens to come out!  



The Court Of Miracles, by Kester Grant described as Les Miserables meets Jungle Book, and focuses on the character of Eponine Thenadier. After seeing the Les Miserables concert in the cinema recently. I haven’t been able to get the story out of my head! Now to have a fantasy story, based on Eponine, mixed with Jungle Book? I’m very interested in where this goes! 

The Court of Miracles (The Court of Miracles Trilogy, Book 1) by [Grant, Kester]

July new releases

Cinderella Is Dead, Kalynn Bayron,  which follows two LGBT+ women as they try to take down Prince Charming. Who, after Cinderella died, took over the kingdom. He is killing any girls who are not married. It sounds badass, feminist, and right up my alley! 

Septembers new releases

The highly anticipated sequel to The Gilded WolvesThe Silvered Serpents, Roshani Chokshi. While I have some problems with this series, due to the fact that The Gilded Wolves just drops you into the story with little to no explanation, and the autism representation is bordering on stereotype. I’m still excited to see where this sequel goes – I’m in desperate need for answers to that ending plot twist. I need more fantasy heists in my life!


There we have it! My current most anticipated new releases of 2020, what are some of yours? 

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