My top 10 MCU moments- Thank you Stan Lee

My Top 10 favourite moments from the Marvel cinematic universe

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is possibly the most successful franchise to ever exist, and its history dates back decades, and it is all thanks to one man’s imagination – Stan Lee.

So, with his recent sad passing, I thought I would celebrate his genius characters, by talking about my all time favourite moments in the MCU.

1. Peggy Carter

I know my value. Peggy Carter is my all time favourite female character of the entire Marvel universe, I adore her. She’s strong, clever, and as Hayley Atwell says;

“she does everything Cap does, backwards and in high heels”

So, naturally, when Agent Carter was announced, I was over the moon. I adored the show, and nearly cried when it was cancelled. But, it was all worth it, for that single moment. I’m someone who suffers with low self esteem, and to hear Peggy, someone I have looked up to for years, saying that, it was revolutionary.

To hear a woman, in the 40s, faced with so much oppression, feel confident in who she is, and what she does, I loved it. Adored it even. I hear that quote in my head so often, and it means everything to me. If I could have even half the confidence of Peggy in that moment, I would be a happy, happy girl.

Peggy Carter
Peggy Carter is our queen

2. The Avengers Assemble 

I came a bit late to the Marvel world, I’d seen the first two Iron Man films, but other than that, I hadn’t seen a thing. Until a chance cinema trip to see Assemble with a group of friends, decided entirely on a whim. I enjoyed myself greatly, but that moment, during the Battle Of New York, when the Avengers, all together, stand in that circle, ready to battle happened. And I got chills down my spine.

I was a convert from that moment, rushing out to watch Captain America and Thor. I haven’t looked back since. That moment will always stick out to me, that was the moment I realised that this wasn’t just a superhero film. This was a revolution in cinema, and the start of an incredible journey.

avengers assemble
Avengers GATHER

3. Logan

Logan’s last moments. I have been complete trash for the X-Men since I was a child, the first film came out when I was three, and while I’m sure I didn’t actually watch it then, I’m pretty sure I watched it soon after. I can’t remember a time when I didn’t love the X-Men, they’ve always been there for me.

I was devastated when Hugh Jackman announced his retirement, and I’m still devastated to this day. But, despite the pain and near tears through the emotion, Logan’s final moments were somehow the best and the worst moment of the entire X-Men series. Watching Logan, holding his heart in his hand, covered in blood, as was predicted in the solo Wolverine film, was poignant, heartbreaking, and yet the perfect ending to Logan as a character. The final shot of his grave, with the X cross on top of it is an image I will never forget. When the Disney/Fox merger goes through, I hope Marvel honours that moment, and don’t recast Logan. I want them to use X23, and follow her comic story line of becoming Wolverine to honour her father, it would be the perfect tribute to Logan after the merge. It keeps his spirit alive, but also honours his legacy.


4. Doctor Strange

Dormammu, I’ve come to bargain. If anybody thought that wasn’t going on this list, they were sorely mistaken. I’m Doctor Strange trash, have been since the casting announcement, and the film did not disappoint. I loved the visuals, the mysticism, the Thor cameo at the end. But this moment always stands out, not just because it’s a giant meme now, but because of its significance.

It’s Stephen, being a hero, stepping up, ready to sacrifice himself for eternity, to save everyone on earth. From the self, arrogant man at the beginning of the film, to this moment, it’s one hell of a journey.

Doctor Strange
Mister Doctor

5. Legion

Legion the World Killer. Legion is a weird show to say the least, but it introduced me to Legion, an omega level mutant and son of Charles Xavier. And while the show currently isn’t allowed to mention who David’s father really is (with the exception of one shot of Xavier’s iconic chair, and several instances of David nearly being shot in the back), and avoided saying the word ‘Legion’, there is this one golden moment in season 2.

The first mention of Legion, with a shot of David, in proper Legion outfit, complete with troll-doll hair and all. I love the show dearly, but this moment stood out. The moment we saw everything Legion become, and the future he is heading for.



6. Loki, of Asgard

I am Loki, of Asgard, and I am burdened with glorious purpose. Like I said before, I was late to the Marvel train, so my first hit of Loki was Avengers Assemble. And damn, if that moment didn’t stand out. Loki stood out anyway, I’m a sucker for a bad guy in black leather, but this speech, the power of it, it took my breath away.

I’ve been a Loki fan ever since, and I still can’t watch his scenes in Infinity War without crying my eyes out, despite being a firm believer of him being still alive post Infinity War.


Loki burdened with porpoise

7. Guardians of the Galaxy

Dance off bro! Oh the Guardians Of The Galaxy, a film I was sceptical about going in, but ended up loving. This moment though really sealed it for me, I was already in love with Star Lord and his team of rag tag assholes, but watching them all have a dance off, oh it was hilarious. And totally unexpected. I love that even after all these years, Marvel can still surprise me, and break established rules of cinema.

I was expecting a big battle on the ground, and instead, I got a dance off. It was hilarious, unexpected, and just generally genius.

guardians of the galaxy dance off gif

8. Deadpool 2

Deadpool 2 end credit scene, extended edition. Deadpool is a highlight for Marvel in general, the guy breaks every rule in the book, makes up some more rules, then breaks them again for the sheer fun of it. In short, I love it. In long, it’s genius, and I always cannot wait for what Ryan comes up with next. But, for me, the really stand out moment is the extended edition of Deadpool 2’s end credit scene. Saving Vanessa and shooting Ryan for Green Lantern was fun enough.

But, shooting Origins Deadpool repeatedly, in front of Wolverine, had me crying. Half from laughter, and half from the fact that Logan was there, after we had lost him the year before. It was enough for me to tear up in the normal version, but when Deadpool tells Logan that someday, he’s going to put down the claws, and people are going to want him back, I was utterly gone. Logan left such a mark on me, and I’ll miss him forever, and in that moment, it felt like Deadpool was speaking to Logan, telling him that we miss him dearly. I hope and pray that we will get flashbacks or something after the merge, but I’m not holding out hope.

If that is going to be the last shot ever of Logan in a X-men film, then it’s a damn good way to round him off.

Deadpool 2
Deadpool and Logan

9. Phil, heart and soul of the MCU, Coulson

Welcome to level 7. Coulson, my dear, beloved Coulson. Brought back by Tahiti (it’s magical place) and sent to get a new team of agents, to run Agents Of Shield. I couldn’t wait for this series to start, and I’ve never been disappointed in it. Especially, I’ve never been disappointed in Coulson. He’s had a great many stand out lines (‘yea, we’re going to have to kill the fish tank’ ‘I don’t sweat, I glisten’), but my favourite from the show has to be ‘welcome to level 7’.

The moment he steps out from the shadows, revealing himself to be alive, something known only by higher agents. I screamed, I fangirled, I cried. Especially in the wake of the latest seasons finale, those words are just everything. It kicked off a fantastic show, opened out so much scope for the Shield team. I adore him, I adore that he was brought back, and that moment was the best way to open a show ever.

Phil coulson gifs  Phil coulson gif

10. The man, the legend

Stan Lee. Plain and simple, Stan Lee. Watching his cameos were fantastic, something to look forward to in every film, every TV show. He was in every single one, be it in a picture in the Hells Kitchen police office, or in person. He was an honorary Watcher, a bus driver, a watering his garden. He was there, in every one. I loved the time honoured tradition of Stan Lee hunting, shaking the arm of whoever I was with when he appeared on the big screen. He stole the show whenever he appeared. I loved his cameos, and I will deeply, truly miss them. He was the king of the cameo, the king of the Marvel universe, and the king of comics.

I will forever be thankful to Stan Lee, for creating a universe in comics, coming up with these iconic characters. He gave me my childhood, my teenage years, and I’m sure my adulthood as well. I wouldn’t be the woman I am today without his influence, and I wouldn’t want to find out how things would have turned out if he had given up writing comics.

Thank you, Stan Lee. Thank you for the laughter, the tears, the adventures. Thank you for creating the most fantastic worlds, incredible characters, and amazing sagas. Your work will never be forgotten, and neither will you.  Thank you, for everything.

stan lee

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