My Fiona Review, 2020, BFI FLARE

My Fiona

Directed and written by Kelly Walker

Starring: Janette Maus and Corbin Reid 

World Premiere at the BFI FLARE 2020 

Jane and Fiona have been best friends for years and one dreadful day, Fiona takes her own life. Left reeling, Jane finds purpose in helping raise Fiona’s son, Bailey, alongside Fiona’s wife Gemma. Jane and Gemma find themselves getting closer and inadvertently entering into an intimate relationship. This relationship, born of grief and heartbreak is potentially catastrophic as it is healing. 

Different portrayals of grief 

Writer and director Kelly Walker readily captures the profound grief that follows a loss like this. Lead actresses Janette Maus and Corbin Reid both portray their grief so differently which leads to clashing and later to their relationship. 


Both characters are engaging, fleshed out and believable, I know these women. I know the serious career-driven warrior women, who seem to manage everything and stubbornly refuse help, even if it is really needed. I found both Jane and Gemma liable and I felt their heartbreak, their confusion and eventually their healing. The casting choices are spot on.

A lack of gratuity, just realism 

The relationship between Jane and Gemma feels natural there are no exaggerated gratuitous intimate moments. They are very careful and almost shy with one another. Consideration went into making the intimate scene just that, intimate. There are no fake porn star moans here, sweet moments shared between two heartbroken, lost individuals. 

Aesthetically My Fiona is considered and in keeping with the film’s tone. There are cold blue shots mirroring Jane’s despair and loneliness and bright hazy sun-drenched days that fill us with the hope that these characters will be okay. 

My Fiona will break your heart and put it back together again. This is a beautifully filmed portrayal of grief, family and learning how to live again. It is not often that films are able to really capture this road back to normalcy with such grace and poignancy. 

A note from the editor

Heather the Valkyries E.I.C was planning to travel to the BFIFlare festival, but due to Covid-19  this did not happen. The team behind the festival held it online and still showcased these brilliant films. It was our pleasure to take part and we hope to be in London for the BFI LFF again later this year. We also reviewed The Lawyer which also had its world premiere at the festival. 

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