Nintendo Switch- A console review

Nintendo Switch- Console Review


This week I was introduced to the “To good to be true” trivia app HQ Trivia, a live game show where you must answer 12 trivia questions and the winner wins genuine cold hard cash. I won, I was very surprised but I won, $500  (about £370ish) was paid straight into my PayPal so the next day I headed straight out and picked up a Nintendo Switch and ‘Breath Of the Wild‘ from my local game store.

I was totally psyched and wanted to get it un-boxed ASAP. The first glimpse had me like a kid in a candy shop; an excitement I had not had for a console in ages. I was surprised by my reaction, I am a ‘Playstation Forever’ kinda gal, but it reminded me of Christmases long gone by and unboxing new Gameboys. One thing to address straight up, it looks so damn good!

Joy Con Joy

Right, so everything is un-boxed. I went for the neon Joy-Cons. It all fits together so easily and simply. The Nintendo Switch is heavier than I was expecting but it’s also completely streamlined and, though a bit hefty, it does not feel at all clunky! It really is a feat of engineering! The whole setup process was a total breeze, I was up and running in a matter of minutes and the combo of touchscreen and the Joy- Cons made entering any information a doddle. I picked up the cartridge version of BOTW and one thing i loved loved loved, was that once the Switch was on and the cartridge in I could play almost immediately, there was no downloading extra data, no lengthy updates that had to be done first, within 15 minutes of purchasing i had walked back to work and started playing!

One thing that did leave me a little disappointed was the overall lack of customisation in areas of the player’s profile, there are very limited options for profile pictures and, other than changing the background of your profile picture, that is it! I am hopeful that in the future we will see some themes for the Switch dashboard and some more profile picture options. This is such a unique and wonderful console and the lack of customisation seems like a real oversight.


Let’s dock

Okay so moving away from the handheld, docking the Switch is a blast. Nothing is lost in transition from handheld to ‘TV’ to mode, it is a real marvel. I did not opt for any specialist hardware for the Joy-Cons so they were slotted into the controller supplied. Once again it couldn’t be easier; they clicked in easily and connected instantly. The controller is comfortable to hold, however it does feel a bit plasticky and cheap. If that is going to be your dominant play style I would really advise picking up some of the full Switch Pro controllers.

pro switch controller


Nintendo Labo

In January this year Nintendo announced the Labo. Scheduled for release in April this year, the Labo is designed to offer a unique opportunity for interactive play. Basically the aim is to turn your Switch into anything! The accessories can be used directly with the Switch itself and the aim seems to be to expand the audience of Switch beyond the traditional gamers. It would allow the owner to create all sorts of things, from fishing rods, to pianos or even a robot!

nintendo labo

Personally the kits won’t be something I rush out to the store and buy, especially as they are currently retailing at £60+. That is a huge amount of money for something that could end up on the shelf after a few goes, I do however look forward to seeing what crazy creations come out of them!

Final thoughts

The Switch for me was a complete impulse buy but one I am really glad I made. If you are on the fence about whether or not to purchase one I would wholeheartedly recommend doing so. There are big name games to suit everyone as well as a wealth of gorgeous indie games. I look forward to the announcements at E3 and seeing what we can expect from the console over this coming year. In the meantime let me know what games to pick up next and your thoughts on the console!

3 thoughts on “Nintendo Switch- A console review

  1. Nice read! And it true that the console is marvelous. It don’t have a kiddie look like the Wii U had, and it is quite well made. You will have awesome happy moments playing it for sure. 💙💜

    1. I really like the design of the console its self it has been a long time since a handheld has even turned my head but this is great! I love the ease as well that you can play multiplayer!

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