What is ‘Not Another Comic Con’? An inside look at Birmingham’s alternative convention, Saturday 3rd August!

Not Another Comic Con

Not Another Comic Con takes place in Birmingham on Saturday 3rd August 2019. Attendees can look forward to a day full of guests, traders and panels. This year’s guests include;

Gary Erskine (Captain America: Theatre of War)

Sonia Leong (Romeo and Juliet, Doctor Who)

Emma Vieceli (Breaks, Life is Strange, we also interviewed  Emma recently)

Mike Garley (Our Final Halloween, Adventure Time)

We had an exclusive chat with Peter Burke, the mastermind behind the event, we talk about what led to the setting up of Not Another Comic Con and what we can expect from the event itself.

What led to the creation of Not Another Comic Con?

I was doing my Masters degree in Event & Exhibition management and I needed to put on an event for the final project and I decided I wanted to put on a comic book convention.


What has been your favourite aspects of conventions visited in the past?

I like when there is a community feeling, when the mix of the people attending is just right and everyone feels like they belong.


What in your opinion is key for a successful event?

You have to offer people value for money, you have to offer them something they cant get anywhere else and you need to make them feel like they are invested and they are part of the convention, not just a customer.

What can visitors expect when visiting Not Another Comic Con for the first time?

Hopefully to have a great time and to get fully involved. We have great comic guests, small press, retro gaming, cosplay, panels, merchants, entertainment… we have hopefully everything the expected and more.


Are there any cosplay rules and regulations that guests should be aware of?

There are a few, yes. There is list of items not allowed in the convention, and will be removed upon arrival:

Metal blades, whether sharp or blunt e.g. swords, axes, and knives. Actual guns, rifles, or artillery. Heavy bats, paddles or clubs including wooden or metal baseball bats. Bokken- a type of hard wooden (or toughened plastic) training sword. Explosives and incendiary devices. Functional strung bows or crossbows, sharp arrows or bolts. Heavy gas canisters. Protruding nails or other sharp items. Any other items restricted or prohibited from being carried in public by UK law.

Props which exceed 5ft. Sharp pointed arrows, or other props similar.

What sort of traders will be tabeling at Not Another Comic Con?

We have everything from Funko pop’s to artwork to authors, clothing, figures, you name it and I think we have it.

Tell us more about the decision to offer up the “buddy” system on booking tables, we thinkit is a phenomenal idea!

We wanted people to get value for their booking, conventions are expensive and you hope that you sell as much of your items as possible or take commission etc. but you never know what will happen. I just felt that if we could make the buddy system work we could reach out to people hesitant to commit the full price and that we could attract people from further afield as we’ve made everything a little more affordable.

What can first time visitors expect from the venue?

It is being held at Aston University, so its very standard looking educational building from the outside. However, once inside there is this large art deco entrance way, and the main room is huge.

What in your opinion sets Not Another Comic Con apart from the likes of other conventions/ events?

I like to call ourselves Birmingham’s alternative convention. I want people to view us in that way, we try to keep things affordable, we promote diversity and encourage community and try to get each person though the door fully invested into the spirit of the day.

I like to think we do things differently because we aren’t chasing money, we don’t do this to get rich, this is out of passion for comics, conventions, and the convention community.

If you had an unlimited budget to create the convention of your dreams, where would the venue be and who would headline?

I would do it in Birmingham city center still, I want my city to thrive and events like a comic con bring people together. The venue, I would love to hire ‘The Arena’ Birmingham, have the complete ground floor and have room for thousands
of folks to come be a part of the day.

Guest wise (Alive) I would love Kevin Smith, he is a massive inspiration to me and one of his podcasts with Jay Mewes inspired me to leave work and pursue my career in Events.

Guests not longer with us would be Adam West!,no question, the Batman 66 TV show was the start of everything for me, he was the reason I loved Batman, the reason I got into comics, he’s my Batman…

Not Another Comic Con Saturday 3rd August

The Valkyries will be heading over to Aston University on Saturday to see the sights and catch up with some of the lovely, talented folks who are tabeling and no doubt buy way too many nerdy goodies!

Whilst chatting with Pete about Not Another Comic Con this was what he had to say;

To anyone who’s never been to a convention, we are a great step into the convention life, we are friendly and want you to get involved with us….. P.S “I’m Batman”

Event Information;

You can pick up your tickets here.


Aston University, Aston Street, The Aston Triangle, B4 7ET

A 200 seat auditorium for the panels, the main hall can hold 800 people and the signing room has a 200 person capacity.

After the event:

The famous ‘Drink and Draw’ run by artist Simon Myers (Titan Comics) will be the official after party and will be hosted at the Gosta Green pubEvent sponsors:

Forbidden Planet International are again the key sponsor for the event, alongside Birmingham’s own Nostalgia & Comics and Gosta Green pub.

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