Only The Animals LFF Review

Only The Animals 

Director: Dominik Moll

Starring: Denis Ménochet, Laure Calamy, Damien Bonnard

Only The Animals is a compelling mystery that moves expertly toward an unexpectedly moving and surprising end.


Only the Animals review 

This twisting thriller is set in a remote French village, set deep into the cold, harsh wilderness. A woman goes missing, her car left seemingly abandoned on a lonely mountain road after a snowstorm. But, what happened to her? What do a farmer and a young scammer have connecting them? We met different characters who interconnect in ways you certainly do not see coming.

Isolating and captivating 

Set in such a remote location, Only the Animals is beautiful. The harsh landscape is cruel and unforgiving only furthering the feel of isolation that is rife throughout the narrative. The characters remain stuck in their lives, feeling lost and alone. A married couple, trapped in a loveless marriage each seeking comfort and warmth from other people. An isolated farmer is lost in the wake of his mother’s death, a young waitress falls in love with an experienced mature woman. 

only the animals 2019

Only the Animals is about love and loneliness 

At its core, Only The Animals is a tale about love, an unconventional one. But a tale about love all the same. It is a thrilling, twisting and turning journey through the lives of our central characters. 

One major turn off for me was the ‘mysterious’ piano music that occurred a few times. It felt like a cheesy jingle to remind us how mysterious the whole film was. But, it took me out of the action and atmosphere. While the jingle jangled, I completely disconnected. 

Overall thoughts on Only The Animals

Only the Animals, was the first film I saw at the BFI London Film Festival and it was a great film to kick off the festival with. I was not necessarily expecting quite as much nudity at 9am. Especially before I’d had a chance to have my coffee. Yet it was certainly a great watch. It is a complex narrative, with darkly humorous moments and consistently strong performances. 

Only the Animals, is a stylishly shot, elegantly structured slow- burn which reveals fascinating secret connections between the characters. This compelling mystery moves expertly toward an unexpectedly moving and surprising end.


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