Our Final Halloween issue 2: A blood-soaked mourning..

Our Final Halloween Issue 2

Mike Garley– Writer and co-creator
Mike Lee- Graham– artist and co-creator
Michael Stock- Letterer and logo
Jess Taylor- Cover

Still reeling from the events of Halloween, Davud, Kayla, Tark and Alexis are left with bloofd on their hands, and a new deadly enemy on the loose. And it is all their fault…

Halloween might be over.. 

Our Final Halloween issue 2 does not lose momentum, in fact, it ramps up the action to 11. Issue 2 follows on immediately from issue one, we see the painful destruction the events of Halloween has left.

Our Final Halloween issue 2 bursts through the door and you are dragged back into this vibrant pastel-toned nightmare..

our final halloween panel pastel

Our Final Halloween is a visual wonder

It is no secret that I utterly adore Mike Lee- Graham’s art style, his panels are bursting with life and activity. The minimalist pastel colour blocks bring both a sense of beauty and a sense of brutality. Perfectly intertwined, like a butterfly pinned to a board.

The panels on top of panels works beautifully, with thick black borders, the pages look so clean in their layout. Even if they barely contain the vivid art begging to be left free.

our final halloween panel, comic book, vivid artwork


Coexistence in narration and art in Our Final Halloween

The first few pages of Our Final Halloween issue 2 are nothing short of storytelling genius, we are trying to keep this review spoiler-free. Therefore I won’t go into detail but the actions within with panels coupled with the narration is truly singular. A perfect example of storytelling really taking advantage of the comic medium.

Mike Garley, uses all the tools in his comic toolbox. He continues to bring a story that is both supernatural and inherently human,. We root for the characters with every fiber of our beings, we want them to succeed, we want them to defeat the evil. But, most of all we want them to survive. In addition to the narrative, Garley’s characters are all fleshed our people, who you can identify and sympathise with. We can recognize ourselves in the characters here and that is something that really lept out in both issues of Our Final Halloween.

Our Final Halloween prepares for more

Our Final Halloween issue 2 is all the ragtag adventure movies we grew up with and cherish, but with a core that is distinctly grown-up. This is not just a tale of good vs evil, it is a tale of loss, of good vs evil, of bravery, of coming of age and above all, it is a tale about friendship. Our Final Halloween feels like an adventure that is going to draw you in, chew you up and spit you out. And, boy, does it feel great.

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