Our Final Halloween Issue 3: Lazy summer days and a close call

Our Final Halloween Issue 3

Artist and co-creator: Micheal-Lee Graham

Writer and co-creator: Mike Garley

Letters and Logo Design: Mike Stock

Cover Artist: Jess Taylor

Previously on Our Final Halloween… spoilers!

Issue 1 starts on Halloween in 1984, where five friends find themselves with amnesia, covered in blood in the basement of a creepy abandoned house. They fight till dawn, but not all the gang survives the night.

Issue 2 see’s our gang swear a pact at Claire’s funeral to avenge her death. Looking for clues they encounter a strange old man, who delivers an ominous warning to the group about what’s to come.

Issue 3, Lazy, hazy summer days and a close call… 

In Our Final Halloween Issue 3 the gang are trying to find answers and track down the mysterious stranger. They might not get the answers they seek, but they are getting closer. But whilst they are looking for clues… who is looking for them?

Our gang are back together and we get to see and learn about them a little more. They are so dedicated in their fight for justice. But in Our Final Halloween Issue 3 they get to relax a little, and they really deserve to kick back and relax.

Something particularly special in this issue is the calendar double page spreads. Interspersed with demon hunting and checking out clues are days where the gang are just hanging out and doing normal kid stuff! All the activities are written in different fonts, they are a real showcase of Mike Stock’s ability to bring so much life and individuality to the lettering.

calendar double page spread

Such beautiful horror

What I really engage with in Our Final Halloween #3 and the whole series, is the synergy between Micheal- Lee Graham and Mike Garley. The horror and action are explosive in Michael- Lee Graham’s tonal colour pallets. There’s such a contrast between horror and the colours but it works so well. Each shift in the narrative is indicated by a shift in the colour palettes. The easy going summer panels have a warmth to them that’s really opposed to the later panels at the hospital, with the sterile green and blues.

By the end of Our Final Halloween Issue 3, the steaks are high and there is danger looming. There are so many questions that are left unanswered and the excitement for 4 is very high. The creators have made a consistently strong series which, issue after issue continues to deliver. As much as I look forward to seeing, what I am sure will be an explosive ending, I am genuinely saddened to see the series coming to an end.

Our Final Halloween is still running on Kickstarter and you can read the other issues for FREE via their KS page. Whilst you are able to get two issues free, if you wanted to donate to a good cause with the money you saved, that would be ace! 


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