Our Final Halloween Review

Our Final Halloween

Micheal Lee-Graham Artist and Co Creator

Mike Garley Writer and Co Creator

Mike Stock– Letters and Logo

Additional artists- Sam Beck, Kate Brown, Steve White and Meaghan Carter.

Our Final Halloween is a delight. It is a spooky tale perfect for Halloween and all your horror needs. 

What is it all about?

The story centres around Alexis, Tark, David, Kayla and Claire who wake up in a house, all suffering with amnesia and all covered… in blood! It is a gripping tale that had me hooked from page one! We follow the gang as they try to figure out; why they are in this house, why they are covered in blood and what it all means. 

It ends like all good horror tales end, steeped in intrigue and mystery! 


Garley is an exceptional writer who is quickly becoming one of my favourite, 32 Kills is a masterpiece and you should check it out if you have not already. 

What I particularly enjoyed about Our Final Halloween is the non stop action, we are thrust straight into this nightmare. We, alongside the main characters, don’t understand what is going on at first but soon all reveals itself. 

There is no lengthy intro, character establishments or set up; we have to decide for ourselves who we trust.

Something I liked instantly about this particular bunch of pals is their get up and go. They don’t break down and panic, they just get stuck in and do what needs to be done!


Micheal Lee- Graham’s art style is absolutely dynamite.

I admit I am generally a fan of a clean line ala Jamie McKelvie BUT Our Final Halloween’s colours, lines and compositions are a visual feast.

The whole piece is a nightmare in orange, blue and red. The selective colour palette gives a striking finish to Our Final Halloween and reminds me of stylised horror films like ‘Bram Stokers Dracula’ or ‘Susperia’.

Graham’s characters are full of life and personality. Their expressions and movements are perfectly suited for the action unfolding around them. 

The limited colour palette, use of shadow and the blood drenching our heroes is a visual treat.  Graham has produced something that is gruesome, chilling but also really satisfying to look at!


Final Thoughts

Our Final Halloween is a triumph. It reminds me of tales from the likes of Goosebumps or Stranger Things. There are supernatural events occurring and these are the kids who are going to have to step in, step up and save the world! Though it brings to minds the likes of Stranger Things, Our Final Halloween is a darkly unique tale and perfect for this time of year! 

Everyone who had a part in the creation and design of Our Final Halloween deserves recognition and praise, job well done you lot! 

Our Final Halloween is on Kickstarter and I couldn’t recommend pledging enough, there are three tiers available with the priciest only at around £7 which is less then the cost of a take away and you’ll not regret it! 


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