Overwatch Animated Short | “Shooting Star” – a review

Overwatch Shooting Star Review

Initial release date: 24 May 2016
Developer: Blizzard Entertainment
Mode(s): Multiplayer
Rating: Teen
Awards: The Game Award for Game Of The Year
Platforms: PS4, Xbox 1, PC

I heard about Overwatch through a friend who loves the game and I’d watched her stream it a couple of times and the game just seemed so overwhelming to me, but then Blizzard hosted one of their free weekends back in February and since then I’ve become such a fan of the game. Normally first-person shooter online games are not my thing at all but Overwatch what with its diverse cast of characters and backstories online fully sucked me in.


I’ve watched the compilation of all the animated shorts and cinematic trailers again and again. So when the D.Va short was finally released on the 22nd I was so excited!
I’ve since watched it approximately 572 times.



When it comes to playing Overwatch, D.Va is one of my mains and you’ll likely find me playing as her. Getting a look into her character was completely up my street.
Shooting Star showed a new side to Hana Song, the quirky and slightly bratty persona was just that – a persona. When really Hana Song is the sweet little mechanic who is humble, smart and selfless. She’s also super messy! Her desk is completely covered with chips, empty noodle boxes and cans. During the short we see a newsreader discussing this supposed glamorous lifestyle Hana leads, but what we actually see is her with her best friend Daehyun both repairing her mech after a previous fight and preparing for the next one.

When an unexpected Omnic arrives in the city, it’s up to Hana to save the day showing us that priority will always be other people. She’s a soldier before a gamer.


At nearly 8 minutes long, although Shooting Star was full of action we also got to see a girl separated from her famous persona, a girl dealing with PTSD, a girl who’s dedicated to helping people no matter what the cost.

With plenty of Easter eggs and sneak peeks of possible new skins and a new map Shooting Star was such a great short – full of fun and depth I can’t get enough!

I’ll be right back I’m off to play Overwatch and watch Shooting Star for the 573rd time!




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