Pound for Pound Volume 1, TKO Studios, Comic Review

Pound for Pound

Writer: Natalie Chaidez

Art: Andy Belanger

Colours: Daniela Miwa

Letters: Serge Lapointe

Editor: Sebastian Girner

Cover art: Andy Belanger

Title and Cover Design: Jared K. Fletcher

Book Design: Jeff Powell

Publisher: TKO Studios

Warning: Contains graphic and mature themes. Not suitable for younger readers. 

Pound for Pound packs a massive punch 

pound for pound

This is not just a punch to the face, its to the gut and to the heart. Pound for Pound is so tough and gritty, but family, love and loyalty runs deep throughout the series. It is the story of one woman’s fight against the world. She fights for herself and her sister in every sense of the word. This is not just a metaphorical fight, she is literally breaking jaws and kicking ass. 

Certainly no damsel in distress 

Dani is an intense lead character who pulls no punches (yes, this review will be full of boxing/ punching puns). The world has been unkind to Dani since the beginning, she grew up fast and she grew up hard., doing whatever she had to do to survive. Writer Natalie Chaidez has crafted a complex group of characters and an unforgiving world. Though the events and some of the later characters are larger than life, the central themes of kidnapping, cartels and murder, are very real. Dani’s inner monologue is not always that subtle in telling the reader what is going on, but it keeps us up to date and reminds up of her motivations and just how much is at stake. 

A kiss with a fist

It has high octane action from start to finish. With twists and turns, you won’t see coming. 

Andy Belanger’s art is so visceral and precise, it leaps from the page. He is not afraid of showing you exactly how it is. Larger than life character styles, bold uses of panels and double pages splashes. His fight scenes have so much movement and momentum you are really pulled into the action. Combined with Daniela Miwa’s colours and the high quality, slightly oversized stock that TKO use, and this really feels like a solid piece of work. Miwa’s colours really set the tone, we can feel the blistering heat of the daylight and the cold blue nights out in the desert. The bold tones bring Belanders characters and panels to life. Alongside Serge Lapointe’s letters, each page really hits its mark. 


Round after round

Pound for Pound goes from a crime comic to the best kind of pulpy action epic. With the kind of over the top, hyper-violence that is perfectly at home in the comics medium. You can pick up your copy of Pound for Pound through TKO

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