Queen of Bad Dreams Comic Book Review

Queen of Bad Dreams

Writer: Danny Lore

Colourist: Dearbhla Kelly

Inkers: Jordi Pérez

Letterer: Kim McLean

Designers: Tim Daniel and Nathan C. Gooden

Publisher: Vault Comics


Dream a little dream of me


Queen of Bad Dreams tells the tale of Daher, an Inspector Judge whose job it is to hunt down rogue “figments” – entities that escape from the mind of a dreamer. Once found, Daher must decide whether to put these figments back into the mind of their dreamer or allow them to be free in the world. That is until she meets Ava…


Catch me if you can

Queen of Bad Dreams wastes no time showing us Daher get to work tackling a figment (and a truly wonderful concept of one, too). We quickly learn that Daher is one of the best inspector judges out there, which has not come without a price. Through some wonderfully cryptic retrospective narration, we are guided through Daher’s world of dreams and nightmares right up to the point where they collide with reality.



A smorgasbord of characters and colour, the art of Queen of Bad Dreams compliments the tone of the comic beautifully. We are running through a world caught between dreams and the real world, where the two mix but stay distinct (which in and of itself is a testament to the writing and illustration, expertly done). Attention to detail throughout is second to none; from the flowers and the vehicles outside the Morphean Annex to the characters at the shelter, the reader is always quietly aware that this world is full of soft, purposeful juxtaposition.

Dream on, dreamer

Our characters may be outlandish, however, they are all somehow relatable and inherently human. That’s the beauty, and it’s also what Vault Comics do so very well – no matter the world, no matter the time, they give us stories that, even when it might seem impossible, remind us what it is to be human. Just like our narrator tells us: “when you’re dealing with dreams, you’re really dealing with people”.

We spoke with Queen of Bad Dreams creator Danny Lore on the creation of this explosive new series;

Queen of Bad Dreams came out of the need to explore agency as a queer brown person navigating our current environment. By writing a comic about dreams and ambitions, I was giving myself permission to dream in public- and hopefully giving our readers permission to do the same. If the action and characters spark that fire in someone else, I think this story will have accomplished its goal.

We think that this series is set to be huge. It will be lighting more and more fires with every issue! Queen of Bad Dreams premiers April 24th 2019, make sure you’ve got it added to your pull list!

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