Ralph Breaks the Internet, a spoiler free review

Ralph Breaks the Internet

Initial release date: 30th November 2018

Developer: Walt Disney Animation Studios
Genre: Animation


Wreck-it Ralph

I’m a huge Disney fan so my excitement levels were through the roof for the much-awaited sequel to Wreck-It Ralph (2012) I was practically counting down the minutes until it was time to go to the cinema!

I saw the film in 4D which let me tell you, was an experience in itself! It was so intense! I think the only 4D experience I’ve had before is from the old Spongebob 4D cinema they had at Flamingo Land a few years back! The racing scenes were SO intense, not only were the chairs throwing you around there are wind machines and water spraying you and even shots of air hitting the back of your legs!
Definitely, something to give a go and I think Ralph Breaks the Internet was a good film choice to see in 4D!


Now I’m gonna try and keep this as spoiler free as possible so let’s go into my thoughts on the film that’s a bit more than “OH MY GOD I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT!”
I adore the first film, I think it’s funny and clever and I instantly adored Vanellope von Schweetz the race car driver turned princess/president!


I understood that reference

The sequel is just as clever and even funnier! Ralph Breaks the Internet provided all the pop culture references from the first film such as iconic game characters such as Sonic, as well as more current references like memes and all the weird wonderful things those of us who have grown up on the internet will appreciate. There’s also, of course, the cameos from beloved characters such as the Disney princesses, Iron Man, Baymax and Buzz and so many more (but I don’t want to spoil too much!)

Much like the first film, there was an underlying message under all the colour and laughs, one thing that always sticks out to me is the representation of PTSD and triggers that we see Calhoun living with.

Tackling REAL issues

The sequel dives into toxic friendships and insecurities. We see Vaellope – our little feisty racer, doing fine…but just fine. Her life runs on a sort of a schedule, she does the same thing every day! Day in, day out! Sugar Rush, hang out with Ralph, Sugar Rush, hang out with Ralph, Sugar Rush, hang out with Ralph, Sugar – you get it! it’s sort of like a groundhog day situation. And yeah, Vanellope loves this but she wants something a little different, a bit more excitement!

Whereas, on the other hand, Ralph loves this! It’s all he’s ever wanted! In the first film, we saw how he just wanted to feel included, to feel loved! And we see how throughout the film how these conflicting feelings between these two best friends can pick at a friendship.
My friend Sophie Jo wrote about how we’ve all been Vanellope and we’ve all been Ralph and I think that’s why this message had such an impact on me personally! For a very spoiler-y look into this feel free to check out Sophie Jo’s blog!

One of my favourite quotes came from Shank (voiced by Gal Gadot) was about how friends don’t always have to have the same dreams and it’s okay to want different things.

“There’s no law saying best friends have to have the same dreams”

I feel like I can’t talk about how much I loved Ralph Breaks the Internet without gushing over the Disney princesses! When they first announced at D23 that Vanellope and the princesses’ sleepover I lost it! And I watched the clip so many times that I can quote it!

“Do you have magic hair?”
“Magic hands?”
“Do animals talk to you?”

Final Thoughts 

So, overall I absolutely loved Ralph Breaks the Internet! It was funny and clever and warm and welcoming and it also got deep! I welled up so many times (the first time may or may not have been at the classic opening shot of the Disney castle).
Ralph Breaks the Internet is a film I think we can all learn from!



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