Rare Beasts LFF Film Review

Rare Beasts

Director: Billie Piper

Starring: Billie Piper, David Twelis, Leo Bill 

Rare Beasts what’s it about?

Rare Beasts is the story of Mandy (Billie Piper), a pretty messy women. Who falls for Pete (Leo Bill). Now I know they say opposites attract but.. This is not a case of that. So Mandy and Pete try and carve out a life together and try to navigate modern relationships, family politics and each others expectations.

It’s a happy ending, but maybe not in a traditional sense.

Billie Piper’s directorial debut

If like me, you grew up in the UK in the 90’s you’ll remember Billie Piper from her frankly adorable days of being Billie the pop star, who played her music to loud because she wants to, because she wants to.

Fast forward some year and Billie is Rose Tyler, the revered companion for the Doctor and a national treasure. Now like a phoenix continuing her rise she has turned to writing and directing. Rare Beasts for a debut is HUGELY ambitious, is it perfect? Arguably no, but it is certainly impressive.

Rare Beasts (2019)

Rare Beats splits down reviewers the middle

I’ve seen a few reviews of Rare Beasts that have a VASTLY different view to me, I’m not saying mine is the right view, they are just different. I find it very telling that certain genders have responded to the film in certain ways.

So let’s talk about the love interest Pete, I don’t like Pete. I find him to be possessive, needy, controlling, belittling and a whole slew of other descriptive words. Why he and Mandy  thought they were a match in the first place is beyond me. However, watching him try to force this beautiful square peg into a round whole was painful. He coveted Mandy and wanted to strip her of her personality and force her into his cage of approval.

He drips with disdain, he is practically swimming in it and, its cringe worthy. He wants to make her into a version he approves of.  However, she refuses.

All in all

I liked Rare Beasts. It was messy, brash and uncomfortable to watch at times, but so is life. I couldn’t be happier with the ending and I am so glad of the direction they took it in. 

Rare Beasts was a brilliant watch, stand up Billie and take a bow! 


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  1. Two things:
    1. I’m definitely here for Billie Piper so I’m on board.
    2. It can’t just be me that keeps misreading the title. 😱

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