Resident Evil: Village PS5 Video Game Review

Resident Evil: Village

Developer: Capcom

Release Date: April 2021

Platforms: PS4, PS5, Xbox 1, Xbox series X, PC 

Genre: Horror, Puzzle, Survival

Riding the hype train

Alright, you all know how intensely hyped I was about the release of Resident Evil 8, Resident Evil: Village. Like so many others, I was excited to meet the new Queen on the scene, Lady Dimetrescu. 

Not what I expected

Now, whilst I really enjoyed Resident Evil: Village, it wasn’t at all the kind of game I thought it was going to be. For one I was hugely disappointed about the relatively short amount of time that we spend in the castle. The setting of this remote village frozen in time was a real joy to explore. An old-timey creepy village is always my jam, especially when put into the Resident Evil world. 

Exploring and hiding, lots of hiding

I loved combing through the streets, in my horror game default crouching position, exploring each house and stealing all of the herbs and scrap metal. Out of the four or so major set pieces, the castle and house Benevento were my favourites. The castle was beautiful in its opulent and macabre grandeur. There was so much lore and history to learn about the village and its strange inhabitants. Knowing the daughters and of course, our omnipresent big momma was lurking at every corner, had me with one hand on the trigger at all times. Which, given how many times Ethan almost lost both hands, survival past the first 15 minutes was honestly a miracle. 

Benevento, the dollmaker’s house and grounds were again, deliciously horrifying. There is something just awful about dolls at the best of times but give them the Resident Evil treatment? It was just the worst. 

Those two set pieces and the creeping exploration showcased Resident Evil: Village at its best. Unfortunately, I felt that after these points things went a little off-key. 

Less shooting, more rooting

What I personally felt, and this is just my opinion, was that when Resident Evil: Village was concerned with being a shooter- it lost track. I much preferred the creeping and the puzzles. However, the scale and the ingenuity of the final fights were totally and wonderfully OTT. 

Resident Evil: Village narratively was both a little lacking and somewhat predictable. Not the stuffy with Rose, that was a weird surprise. However, the truth about the seemingly unkillable Ethan Winters wasn’t a shock. 


Resident Evil: Village was an ambitious and involved instalment into the Resident Evil Series. Which whilst it gained both criticism and praise, I enjoyed it immensely. There were moments of palm-sweating tension and grim encounters that only the Resident Evil team can think up. It is a squeamishly good experience. 

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