Resonant Comic Book Review

Resonant- Comic Review

Writer: David Andry

Artist and Co Creator: Alejandro Aragon

Colourist: Jason Wordie

Letterer: Deron Bennett

Publisher: Vault Comics

Our worst impulses unleashed…

To say that I was eagerly anticipating Resonant is an understatement. My breath was past baited and I had chomped all the way through the bit. In a wholly unsurprising but entirely welcome turn of events, Resonant lived up to and then rocketed past my expectations.

Resonant follows Bec, her two brothers, and their father as they live their lives in a world dangerously different than the one we know. They must survive “the waves”, mysterious happenings signalled by “chirpers” – or crickets, to you and me. Living in a remote cabin, Bec’s father must leave his children to go and find help in the big, torn up world.


vault comics panel woodlands

Time ain’t on our side

It’s clear from the off that time is quite the precious commodity in the world of Resonant, and yet it all seems second nature to Bec and her family. The conversation between Bec and her father as he prepares to leave is a particularly well crafted one. Go on to contrast this tender exchange with the reality of panic rooms and strapping people down for safety and you have a real lesson in how to write. There was no time wasted in throwing us into the thick of Resonant, and I loved every desperate second.



Say hello, wave goodbye

Frenetic and tangled line-work and wild and glitchy edges are an inspired choice throughout Resonant, keeping us quietly aware that we are running out of time and lurching towards our next disaster. Mix those lines with some of the most effective lettering I have seen in some time, add some gorgeous colouring too (with a sprinkle of Ben Day Dots, which is always a winner for me), and you have an instant modern classic on your hands.

More than that, though? Beyond the art, beyond the words, Resonant left me desperate for more. You can’t help but feel your reading pick up pace and your page turns get quicker as you race toward the inevitable danger. Resonant hit like a wave, and I can’t wait for the next.

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