Resonant Issue 2, Comic Book Review

Resonant Issue 2

David Andry- Writer

Alejandro Aragon- Artist

Jason Wordie- Colourist

Deron Bennett- Letters

Vault Comics– Publisher

For a recap on issue one. As you all well know we are not in the business of spoilers, but this is issue 2, so there may be some, we recommend you obviously go read issue one right away! 

Resonant and the journey so far… 

Paxton continues his journey to find medicines for Stef, his very ill young son. Meanwhile back at home Stef with Bec and Ty, anxiously await his return.

We rejoin the kids in the wake of a wave that badly affected Bec, with her arms wrapped in bandages, she tries to keep her brothers calm and reassured. These siblings are so devoted to protecting one another. The feelings of their desperation seeps out of the panels. They’re trying to keep it together, but they’ve got no idea if their Dad will ever return or if they will survive.

Screenshot 2020-05-05 at 09.33.02

We get a glimpse of life beyond their homestead in Resonant issue 2. Paxton, and his lovely new companion, walk treacherous roads to get to ‘Hospitality’. Which is a wild west-esq outlaw trading post. That despite its name is not at all that hospitable. 

Visuals that Resonate

Visually Resonant 2 continues to really impress. There is so much energy and life in every inch of the panels. The movements and positioning of the characters is really natural and authentic. Aragon’s designs, with Wordie’s colours compliment Andry’s writing to a tee. Each panel is crated with care and consideration, the confident lettering from Bennet is the icing on the visual cake. The frenetic art style keeps the action flowing and we can feel that tension mounting. The contrasting nighttime pages bring a sense of calm to the narrative.

Blue comic book panel, women sliding down rope resonant 2

Mixing the tones; the tension of the waves Vs the lighter family dynamics helps keep us feel really immersed in the story. We really care for this family and we want to see them reunite and survive.

Resonant Issue 2 finishes with not one, but two cliff handers. What will happen to Paxton and who is this mysterious figure outside the cabin? The creators have made a world that is so engaging and it really pulls you in.

Ideal for fans of Outcast, The Walking Dead and Wytches.

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