Sagas of the Shield Maiden- Review

Sagas of the Shield Maiden

Written by: Asa Wheatley

Featuring art by Daniel Coloma, Kay Baird, Kevin Keane, Michelle Marham and Sammy Ward

Lettering by Ken Reynolds

Cover art by Sweeney Boo

Sagas of the Shield Maiden book 2 is currently funding on KS: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/asawheatley/sagas-of-the-shield-maiden-book-two

What’s it all about?

Sagas of the Shield Maiden is an oversized, Viking western, perfect bound comics anthology that recounts the legends, or sagas, of the titular Shield Maiden as she traverses Scandinavia and beyond the North Sea.

With an incredible team of artists working on the five stories throughout the book. Daniel Coloma, Kay Baird, Kevin Keane, Michelle Marham and Sammy Ward provide the interiors with an amazing wraparound cover by Sweeney Boo. Each of the stories is lettered by Ken Reynolds, who also did the brilliant title design.

Different points in the Shield Maiden’s life

Each tale takes place at a different point in the Shield Maiden’s life. From her first raid in England to a spout of bloody vengeance and her eventual death. As well as obviously being heavily influenced by Viking history and Norse mythology the stories all draw upon traits and themes commonly found in the western genre.

I was introduced to Sagas of the Shield Maiden when the opportunity to review some indie comics for The Valkyries came up. I initially thought that this would be a full-length graphic novel, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that this was more a series of short stories about the eponymous Shield Maiden. 

Snapshots of an exciting life

I enjoyed the snapshots into the Shield Maiden’s life and how each story recounted a different story from a different point in her journey. Having said that, I do wish some of the story threads were a little bit longer (only because they were really interesting!) For example, A Death Worthy of a Shield Maiden and A Crash of Thunder, A Flash of Lightning were both stories that I thought would really benefit from being a bit longer. There were threads in these stories that I wish had been explored more and had gone into a bit more depth about how and why the Shield Maiden had ended up in those situations. These two were also my favourites, which is also why I wish they were longer!

Different stories illustrated by different artists

I also really liked how each artist put their own spin on the main character as well – imagine different storytellers around a fire, recounting these sagas and the feeling the different artists create. The artists keep the core of the Shield Maiden’s character, but each artist and story showed off a different aspect of who she was.

What’s next for the Sheild Maiden?

There is currently a Kickstarter for Volume 2 of Sagas of the Shield Maiden, and I’m looking forward to this – according to the description, Volume 2 will explore the older side of the Shield Maiden and her younger self. I can’t wait to see more of these sides of the Shield Maiden, particularly as these were aspects that I enjoyed in Volume 1. 

Volume 2 is currently funding on KS where you can pick up Volume 1 if you missed it the first time, and we absolutely recommend you do! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/asawheatley/sagas-of-the-shield-maiden-book-two

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