Sera and the Royal Stars Comic Book Review

Sera and the Royal Stars Issue 1 Review

Writer: Jon Tsuei

Artist: Audrey Mok

Colourist: Raúl Angelo

Letterer: Jim Campbell

Publisher: Vault Comics


Star light, star bright

Sera and the Royal Stars tells the tale of Sera, daughter of the king of Parsa, and her quest to free the Royal Stars – celestial deities that watch over the cosmos. We follow Sera throughout her world and then beyond in her mission, but it soon becomes clear that we are not the only ones hot on her trail…


I mean, does it get more poetic than that? (No.)

Sera is out of this world

I’ll set my stall out early, here. Without a shadow of a doubt, Sera and the Royal Stars has instantly become one of my favourite comic books that I have read this year, and probably ever. Admittedly, I’m the first to admit that dreamy, swirling galaxies and powerful, historical ladies are the way to my heart – but that heart now belongs firmly to Sera and the Royal Stars. A real, veritable adventure, this is a finely tuned world of fable and fantasy that you will want to stay lost in. Imagine the most beautiful game of D&D, but in about 600BC, and you’re almost half-way there.


It was at this point I gave my heart to this comic on a silver plate.


Jon Tsuei’s writing and world building is flawless; In only a few panels, we know and love our characters and their homeland. Team that skill up with Audrey Mok and Raúl Angelo’s mind-blowing command of their craft, then add Jim Campbell’s nuanced and gorgeously refined lettering? Well, that’s just a masterclass in making art. This dream team of creators makes Sera’s world feel familiar but ethereal, sharply real but a dreamscape. We get echoes of Ancient Persia, but we get taken to the stars, too. Not only that, but they make it look so effortless – that, my friends, is a talent.


Sera and the Royal Stars
Figs for days


Que Sera Sera

It’s clear from the moment you begin reading Sera and the Royal Stars that this comic is a labour of love. You can feel the passion and dedication radiating from each panel, and it makes Sera’s world all the richer. If you love history, if you love art, or if you just love incredible stories, Sera and the Royal Stars is for you. A seamlessly created and beautifully curated piece of work, I cannot encourage you enough to buy and read this comic. I absolutely assure you that you will not regret it. Thank those lucky stars that issue 2 isn’t far off (and trust us, it’s just as heavenly).

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