Sera and The Royal Stars Issue 2

Sera and the Royal Stars issue 2

Writer: Jon Tsuei

Artist: Audrey Mok

Colours: Raul Angulo

Letters: Jim Campbell

Assistant Colours: Karina Plaja

Publisher: Vault Comics

We don’t do spoilers, but this is a review for issue 2 so exercise some caution.

Sera and The Royal Stars issue 2 launches straight into the action. It follows on from issue one (for a refresher and our review of issue 1).

Sera and the Royal Stars- the journey so far

Sera returns to Parsa after rescuing the Eye of The Bull, only to discover it is no longer the land she left behind. He uncle Shaheen’s forces are invading and just when it seems as though she has lost it all, an unlikely and frankly amazing, ally emerges.

comic panel. purple background, wizard stands in foreground with a staff he has a white beard

Sera is a brilliant hero; fierce, determined, and a total badass. She is burned with a huge, deadly quest that takes her away from those she loves and thrusts her into danger. yet she handles it with grace, charm, and killer moves. She is not a damsel in distress, but a leader, brave to a fault but still kind. Sera is a well-balanced hero, that is FINALLY well dressed. No ‘armoured’ bikinis here, her clothes are designed for a warrior and in keeping with the clothing of the time period, setting and frankly they look cool as heck. We need more hareem pants and cape combos, please!

A weaving adventure

Sera and The Royal Stars has so many layers.; the war raging for rule over Parsa, a family feud, a spiritual and mythical quest. However these do not get confusing, they weave around each other like a well-choreographed dance, but we can easily follow the flow.  A testament to the skill and craft of writer Jon Tsuei and the creative team. 

Comic Panel, red backgrounds, two characters embrace

The subtly different text style used for Aldedaren is a masterstroke from Jim Campbell. The bolder, somewhat ‘calligraphic’ style alludes to his age and his wisdom. You can imagine finding the same scripts on an ancient scroll or in a holy book

Sera and The Royal Stars issue 2 will delight

Every issue of Sera and The Royal Stars is a visual delight, and issue 2 is no different. Audrey Mok’s character design and landscapes are beautifully fantastical. In particular, the galaxy pages are some of my favourites in the series and I was glad to see we revisited them in this issue. Coupled with Raul Angulo’s colours and Sara and The Royal Stars issue 2 continues to impress. Everything is so vivid and sumptuous you will devour every page. 

Vault comics are well known for publishing some of the most varied horror/ sci-fi and fantasy comics, and Sera and The Royal Stars is no different. This is a once in a lifetime series. 

Ideal for fans of DIE, Folklords and Dungeons and Dragons. 

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