She Said Destroy Issue 2, Comic review

She Said Destroy issue 2

Writer: Joe Corallo

Artist: Liana Kangas

Colours: Rebecca Nalty

Letters: Melanie Ujimore

Published: Vault Comics

As with the second issue reviews for Resonant and Sera and the Royal Stars, this review will likely contain some light spoilers! We suggest you head back to issue 1 to check that our first, and then, of course, read issue 2 before you read! 

She Said Destroy, the story up to now

Brigid, having captured one of the switches of the Fey begins her interrogations, she seeks the location of the last coven. But her captive does not give it up without a fight. Winona and Raul are training under the elder’s eagle eye in readiness for the imminent invasion. 

Tensions are running high, not just due to Brigid’s impending arrival, but between friends Raul and Winona. Winona, painted as the chosen one, has the weight of her coven’s survival on her shoulders. Raul battles his feelings jealousy an inadequacy, his fears of being forgotten. These are feelings I am sure we can all relate to, through friendships or sibling rivalries. 

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Feeling a little left behind

However, it is not just Raul who harbours concern of being forgotten. We are told in issue 1, If a god is forgotten they can never return, hence Brigid’s motivations and her blood-soaked quest to stay in the present. 

As aspect of the series that I find particularly interesting is the way in which the story includes aspects of religion, culture and science and discovery. She Said Destroy examines the idea of worship and faith, we see the sun God tearing through the sky wagon war against her sister, the God of death. We can draw parallels here between the discourse of Science vs religion. Sun God Brigid, has inserted herself into Christianity in order to maintain her status, gain more followers and continue to be worshipped. Is this normal behaviour for a God? Is the scheming the underhand, desperate, murderous need to be worshipped and revered a god-like quality? Brigid is a particularly fascinating character and I look forward to seeing more of her. 

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She Said Destroy issue 2 ties together

The pop-art-esque art style is still prevalent throughout the series. The bold colours and striking designs make the pages particularly distinctive. Kangas and Nalty’s visuals really blend with Ujimori’s lettering and the narrative that Corallo is telling. It is both cohesive and dynamic from cover to cover. Whilst issue 2 is a bit more scene-setting then hardcore action, we can feel the building tension and look forward to seeing where we will go next. 

Like Sera and the Royal Stars, She Said Destroy is a high fantasy comic but with a strong science fiction vein running throughout. It is ideal for fans of Star Wars, Vagrant Queen and The Wicked and The Divine

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