Silver Fox: Comic Book Review

Silver Fox: Comic Book Review

Words: Darren Dare
Art: Carlos Trigo
Colours: Hannah Templer
Letters: Taylor Esposito

We love a Silver Fox

I’m always a sucker for a Silver Fox, and this one is no exception. Unexpected, heartwarming, and rip-roaring; Silver Fox is a triumph in so many fields. Fan of action? Romance? Supernatural stuff? Gangs? Super cool art? well then, do we have a comic for you…


Silver Fox on the run

Silver Fox follows the relationship of James and Leo, and all the other uninvited people along the way…

You know we don’t do spoilers here at the Valks, so I won’t give too much away – there are so many twists and turns, however, that it becomes quite difficult not to divulge too much. One thing I can say with certainty though, is that you will be on the edge of your seat with every page.

man running through grass and past trees, he looks panicked, like he is being chased

What does the Fox say?

The colours and letters of Silver Fox make what is already an awesome story into a fantastic comic. Angular and modern artwork (that is somehow still nostalgic in that 90s TV cartoon way) makes use of bold and deliberate colours with a real pop-art confidence. Stitched through the art are gorgeous cross-panel speech bubbles and wonderfully dynamic lettering, all wrapped around one of the most fun and original stories I have read in quite some time. It really is pretty special.

Each character is a distinct individual, and the entire romance we see unfold in the first few pages is guaranteed to fill the coldest heart with a warm and desperate yearning (my heart, it was me, I was yearning). This pining is all the more impressive considering we get there right after starting the whole comic in media res – with our protagonist running desperately away from an unknown, unseen threat…a bold storytelling move, but oh how it pays off.

Silver linings

There was so much (read: everything) that I loved about Silver Fox, but the part that really struck me and stuck with me was the conversation between James and Leo en route to James’ parents’ house for the first time, together. Trying to test the waters, Leo asks how James’ parents will react to him bring home a guy. James explains that his parents aren’t bad people in that easy, quick definition – they are conservative. Not hateful, just traditional. The whole exchange is executed perfectly on the page, with the air of uncertainty, of trying to make that distinction with a line of sand in the wind. It’s a conversation that I know many people will have had, even or maybe only with themselves.

The inclusion of this exchange made what was already a great comic feel all the more personal. The honestly and discomfort of that exchange, the need to explain, the fact it was included at all will touch something in a lot of people – I know it did in me

Silver Foxy

Silver Fox will keep you guessing up until the last page. The references, the romance, the twists at every turn – there was nothing that I didn’t love about it. It’s a story that I am excited and impatient to read more of – what’s a better sign of a job done well than that, eh?

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