New Year, New Segment, New Army – Sisters of Battle

New Year, New Segment, New Army

We like our TTGs here at Valks HQ, so we thought we would offer up some variety to your fresh, nerdy content. Warhammer, Magic the Gathering, board games – we have ‘em all coming at you in 2020. Stay tuned, and let us know what you think! For now though, here come the Sisters…

Who run the world? Girls.

We have been debating this new venture for some time, and there seemed no better time to take the leap than the New Year. As if we needed any further encouragement, the upcoming drop of the newly polished Sisters of Battle from Games Workshop seemed as perfect a debut as we could ask for. We women warriors have to stick together, right?


When you and the girls get ready for a night out together xoxo


Sisters are doing it for themselves

The Adepta Sororitas Army Set sold out in no time at all upon its release late last year. That’s what happens when you put exclusive minis in a big box, eh? An all plastic version of the Sisters had been long-awaited and hotly anticipated, and their release heralds a whole host of re-modelled and re-vamped good stuff.

Games Workshop is treating us to some sweet new Sisters, up for pre-order on January 11th. Never fear, they are every bit as gorgeous as we hoped. We’ll be getting a brand spanking new Adepta Sororitas codex (and it really is brand spanking new, it’s the first time we’ll be able to get a hold of it as a separate product). We’ll also see a new wave of all plastic multi-part kits hitting the shelves. Datacards and some beautiful but nigh on impossible to read dice complete the round-up. We’ll keep those D6 for Miracles, methinks.


Oh no I forgot to put actual numbers on the dice, not again
These are not for playing snap okay don’t make the same mistake I did

No Men Under Arms

Games Workshop have been open and proud about the fact that these new kits are some of the most intricate that they have put out. Designers Joe Tomaszewski and Israel Gonzalez have treated us to what looks like a veritable wealth of options and interchangeable parts to pick from…

Attention to detail here is second to none. The Sisters of Battle have a strong and storied legacy, as well as following almost as zealous as the Sisterhood themselves. The Adepta Sororitas have been around since the ’90s at Games Workshop (and the 36th Millennium after that), so their re-release was long overdue. Our gals also come with a bit of a makeover. Gone are the days of silver choppy bobs for everyone. Instead, these new kits bring a host of different head options among all the weapons and arms. It’s a step in the right direction for sure – a running jump, in fact. At least the boob-armour is a lot less Madonna-eque than it could have been. It’s progress, and I’ll take it for now. Check out the (lovely) new Sister Superior Amalia Novena mini and then compare her to some (normally very gratuitous) fan-art, and you’ll see what I mean. We’re getting there, folks!


Carrying your drunk mate home from the club with a pepperoni pizza like

Sister Act

As you would reasonably expect from the military arm of the Ecclisiarchy, the Sisterhood come laden with some gorgeous iconography. From relic boxes to memento mori, everything we have seen so far is dripping in their faction’s tempestuous and bloody history. Just take a look at that Exorcist – it is terrifying, beautiful, and just a little too much all at once…exactly the way it should be.

I hope its head spins around like in the movie, that would be SICK


The whole Gothic aesthetic of the Sisters of Battle is immediately recognisable. Forged in faith and steel the Sisters are one of the most fearsome, unrelenting forces in the Imperium, and I can’t wait to see them on tables anew – especially with that new Battle Sanctum. Unveiled at the New Year Open Day, this stunning terrain piece not only looks divine, but buffs up your Acts of Faith, too. Brains and beauty, this one. Junith Eruita in the Pulpit of St Holline’s Basillica also carries a pretty powerful 6” aura. However, you’ll not want to sideline her as a buffer too much once you check her pretty solid damage output.


Nan’s new mobility scooter arrived and honestly she loves it


For now, however, and before I launch into a heartfelt tirade on the history of the Adepta Sororitas, the Golden Throne, and the other Thor – we must wait. I suppose patience is akin to Holiness…

*All images via Warhammer Community*

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