Continuing in the tradition of Escape, Pssst!, and Revolver, SKRAWL is a comic anthology magazine featuring cartoonists, artists, and writers primarily from the UK’s independent comic scene. The magazine was launched on Kickstarter on August 1st and met its goal in under 24 hours. With a long list of up-and-coming UK talent as wellas established professionals, SKRAWL promises to be one of the most exciting comic anthologies of the year.


At the core of the magazine are so many incredible names in comics! Including: Mark Hughes (Silverbeard), Russell Mark Olson (Gateway City; Tripwire Award Best New Talent 2018; Yancy Street Award Best UK artist 2018), Nick Prolix (Slang Pictorial), Martin Simpson (Needleman, Pipedream Comics Top 10 Indie Comics of the Year 2018), Pete Taylor (Silverbeard), and Gustaffo Vargas (Manu, Pipedream Comics Indie Comic of the Year winner, 2019) who formed during last year’s LICAF.

Interior page for SKRAWL #1 by Rosie Packwood

The magazine will also feature guest spots from UK-indie royalty Phil Elliott (Tales from Gimbley), Rosie Packwood (Bun), Jessica Lucas (Yours, Yesterday), Matt Simmons (Bastard Galaxia), and the Cartoon Museum’s Artist-in-residence, Mark Stafford (The Bad Bad Place).

And to further accentuate the magazine-ness of the anthology, John Reppion (Conspiracy of Ravens) and Lucy Sullivan (Barking) will provide an illustrated short folk horror story.

An interior page from SKRAWL by Gustaffo Vargas

Update on funding

Since SKRAWL launched, it has broken through all three of the planned stretch goals
a) a short story written by John Reppion and illustrated by Lucy Sullivan,
b) 9 extra pages from Cartoon Museum’s artist-in-residence Mark Stafford,
c) a two page strip written by the SKRAWLLORDZ with art by Simone D’Armini.
An additional stretch goal, what the SKRAWLLORDZ have dubbed “the Charity Stretch” has also been met. This stretch goal will see the SKRAWLLORDZ (and hopefully a few special guests) create a jam piece which will be donated to Little Heroes Comics, a charity which provides comic making kits to children with long-term illness, for a fund-raising auction. 
An interior page from SKRAWL #1 by Russell Mark Olson
As a thank you to supporters, the SKRAWLLORDZ have given backers a free golden ticket. The golden ticket, previously purchasable with a £5 pledge boost, gives supporters access to the SKRAWL After-Party. Which features the SKRAWLLORDZ and special guests (the great Roger Langridge has just been announced). As well as a downloadable audio commentary track which will guide readers through the creative process of the magazine, cover to cover.

With just hours left in the campaign, there’s still time to support the magazine and a few remaining opportunities to nab sketch reward! Go and back SKRAWL here, or just up your pledge to get all them good things!


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