Soldier Boy Tell ‘Em: Jensen Ackles Joins The Boys

Soldier Boy Tell ‘Em: Jensen Ackles Joins The Boys


It’s happening everyone, it’s happening; Jensen Ackles has been confirmed as joining the cast of The Boys for Season Three as Soldier Boy; the elected leader of Payback.

If you want to head into Season Three with a fresh mind to discover a little more about Solider Boy within the show itself, then feel free to skip this article and just look at the pictures of Jensen Ackles. Totally understandable. Also, great and legitimate sounding excuse for me to have them all saved on my computer. There will be info that some may consider spoilers – you have been warned!


Jensen Ackles Time After Time Supernatural The Boys
Time After Time – Ackles is no stranger to the superhero gig (not just in my imagination, either)


Super Solider

It’s no secret that Ackles was considered for the role of Captain America, so his casting as Solider Boy for Season Three is just that little bit more delicious in its irony, too.

Soldier Boy is the leader of Payback, a group created in the 1940s to help fight the Nazi threat from Germany (sounding familiar yet?). This time, though, the mission didn’t go so well as it did for the Howling Commandos. The OG superhero, Solider Boy is the all American guy…kind of. His naivety and innocence are laughable more than endearing unlike Steve Rogers. Soldier Boy’s greatest wish is to become part of The Seven – but we know how picky they can be…

There are, as a result, a few characters with whom Solider Boy will have a particularly interesting dynamic on screen. From a misunderstanding of a sexcapade with Homelander as a supposed rite of passage to The Seven, to a chequered (read: bloody and violent) past with Butcher, we can be sure of some interesting relationships in Season Three. Give me some hyper violence and palpable sexual tension, please. PLEASE.

It’s going to be interesting to see just how involved we can expect Soldier Boy to be in the main storyline, and just how much of his backstory we get to see (and how explicitly, but we know the show has hardly been prudish in the past). You have a great asset guys (not to mention one that will bring across DROVES of fans) let’s hope  you know how to use him.


Solider Boy the Boys Herogasm
Steve Rogers who?


The Dean Days Are Over

This venture won’t be entirely unfamiliar territory for Ackles. The actor has worked extensively with The Boys showrunner Eric Kripke before. Fifteen seasons, my entire adolescence, and my whole heart later – Supernatural is ending, however that wasn’t going to keep show creator Kripke and Ackles apart. It seemed only a matter of time until my wayward son made his way over to Kripke’s newest venture.


File:Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles & Eric Kripke (4852067381).jpg ...
(From left) Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, and Eric Kripke back in the good old days


Boy Division

It seems right for so many reasons that Ackles has been cast as Solider Boy (not just for my own viewing pleasure, either). An undeniably all American guy, Jensen Ackles has proved his worth on screen (and in out hearts) as a hero, especially with Eric Kripke at the helm. If you aren’t Captain America, then why not be his wildly unflattering but hilarious caricature? I can’t wait to see how this turns out.


Jensen Ackles: 'Supernatural finale delay a positive thing ...
Soldier Boy crank that

The Boys Season 2 airs September 4th on Amazon Prime.

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