Spring, a review of a romantic horror movie

Spring; A Review

Release date: 17 April 2015 (United Kingdom)
Directors: Justin Benson, Aaron Moorhead
Screenplay: Justin Benson
Genre: Horror, Romance, Sci fi

Spring has been classified as a romantic body horror film, with it’s slow burn pace and leaning more on drama and romance than horror it falls into that odd “is this actually a horror movie?” spot that many films these days are finding themselves in.

The plot unfolds..

I learned about this film when I discovered that I had watched and enjoyed the other two films made by film making duo Aaron Moorhead and Justin Benson; “Resolution” and “The Endless”. The basic plot for Spring is Evan (played by Lou Taylor Pucci) heads to Italy for a change of pace after a personal tragedy where he meets Louise (played by Nadia Hilker), a beautiful woman with a monstrous secret.


The film is just beautiful, filmed on location in Italy, it showcases the landscapes and beautiful old architecture of the towns. On the film side to that beauty is the beautifully executed special effects makeup done in this film. The film does go for a “less is more” approach to showing off it’s monster but it is to great effect and ultimately provides more of an impact when the audience finally gets a good long look.

The performances

The acting was very natural and flowed in a causal way. Evan is a likeable guy, he does make mistakes, and more importantly he is also aware of the potential dangers to someone travelling alone in another country. Louise is an intelligent woman, who is grounded in science, but these traits are not used to make her detached, unapproachable, or socially awkward, and despite everything, is down to earth, normal very human.  Together their relationship feels like it grows organically rather than two people forced together just for plot reasons, they feel each other out, ask about each other questions as they get to know each other, and more importantly is does not go smoothly all the time.

Not without its problems

The film is not without it’s problems, there are a few things that don’t make sense (at least on first viewing), and when Evan first gets to Italy it felt to me like there was a whole lot of nothing going on. I don’t mind a slow start but this was a bit of a miss for me. In my opinion a good slow start should be used to show off the location you are setting the story in and/or to show the personality of the characters so it can be challenged later.

Final Thoughts

So for final thoughts, this was a good solid film, but it didn’t grab my attention and despite the excellent makeup effects it did not scratch my body horror film itch. I am adding this film to my list of “horror lite” films to recommend to friends who can’t really handle horror. 7/10


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