Stoker and Wells: Order of the Golden Dawn

Stoker and Wells: Order of the Golden Dawn

Writer: Steven Peros

Art and cover: Barry Orkin

Colours: Chris Summers and Studio Haus

Letters: Marshall Dillon


Stoker and Wells is centrally focused on 40 something Bram Stoker meeting H.G. Wells. This chance encounter leads to an adventure that this unlikely duo won’t soon forget and leads to the creation of their most successful works. Stoker and Wells thrusts these two characters together as they try to work together to survive and get back home!

Unlikely travel pals

I particularly liked the grumpy jaded Bram Stoker and the 20 something-year-old H.G Wells as a spunky horndog trying to make his way in the literary world. They have a good dynamic between them that reads well, it is like a literary buddy road trip movie.

I enjoyed the world that has been created and the easter eggs dotted around. Visually the world x and y created is fascinating to look at, especially the design of the time machine. It instantly made me nostalgic for the 2002 movie of The Time Machine, which scared the CRAP outta me as a kid!

Goth vibes

It feels full of that classical Gothic literature vibe, which I am always game for, whilst the enthusiasm is there, the execution is slightly lacking. There seems to be a lot going on, where telling seems more prevalent then telling.

stoker and wells

Complex visuals

The incredibly complex art style, which is intricate if not a little busy. However, it is still engaging and imaginative. Some movements do lean towards the unnatural, the movement of the characters looks a bit jagged at times. There is quite a shift when the colouring swaps hands, the first half features  Summer’s more dreary palette which does fit its surrounding, however, Studio Haus’ colours in the second half really ramps up the vibrancy.


Overall, Stoker and Wells: Order of the Golden Dawn is a promising start to the proposed trilogy and serves as a very interesting “what if” tale. The issue is not without its flaws, however, I am hopeful that following the release of the first instalment the second and third will only get better.

About the creators: 

This is the first graphic novel from twice-published Samuel French playwright, Steven Peros, who started his screenwriting career writing Lionsgate’s The Cat’s Meow, set in 1924, starring Kirsten Dunst, Cary Elwes, Eddie Izzard, and directed by Peter Bogdanovich, and also writing three episodes of AMC’s Emmy-winning period dramedy, The Lot.
Barry has worked with Shi creator Billy Tucci as a colourist, inker, and logo designer. For DC/Warner Brothers, Barry was part of the branding of the movie, Superman Returns. He created icons and graphics for the Superman Returns Style Guide and his Superman icon appeared on all of the packaging for the film’s licensed products worldwide.

Stoker and Wells: Order of the Golden Dawn is available on Comixology from 08.01.2020

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