The Valkyries Podcast Episode 4: Interview with Carlos Giffoni and Strayed

Strayed Issue 1- What’s new space cat?

Writer: Carlos Giffoni

Art and Colours- Juan Doe

Letters- Matt Krotzer

Publisher- Dark Horse Comics

Get back HonkyCat

Right from the first page, we can determine several things, Strayed is a treat, there are cats in space, our heroes are in danger and I would absolutely die for our little cat hero. 

Strayed is fascinating. The page layouts, the colours, the designs of the worlds and creatures and the lettering is all impeccably well-curated. We can tell right away that Strayed, is the work of professionals. Professionals who are both bold and brave in their storytelling.

We chatted with Strayed creator Carlos Giffoni on the latest episode of The Valkyries Podcast Check it out: 

Strayed into action

We are thrust straight into the action and introduced to Lou, who I adore and Kiara as our heroes- who are caught up in something decidedly un-hero like. Carlos’ storytelling brings us up to speed on how Lou and Kiara have come to be in this situation we currently find them in. We are on an intergalactic journey in space, in which an ultra-powerful fascist military regime are waging wars and wiping out planets. The premise of Strayed is not necessarily a brand new concept. But we are given hints of what the future may hold and the future looks very bright! Something done very well is how the reader instantly fees for Lou especially when he is in danger or even slightly uncomfortable. The Creators have perfectly captured the relationship and love between a pet and its owner. 

cat panel comic book panel
perfect angel


Something I particularly liked was the creature design we see midway through the book, it reminded me of the creature from the black lagoon! One of the most striking things bout Strayed are the pages where Lou is astral-projecting through space. The visuals are absolutely incredible, I almost could not believe my eyes. The space pages of Strayed are some of the most beautiful I have ever seen, from the colour palette to the designs to the layout of the page itself. Juan has done something incredible. 

The mixture of cosmic beauty from Lou’s POV to the more muted bland life upon the spaceship as we follow Kiara around the ship perfectly mirrors the different points of view from the characters. 

colourful planet panel
sneak peek at the space pages


I loved Strayed having been completely entranced by the cover and I was not disappointed by the rest of the issue. I will eagerly await the release of the next issues. Hurry up and bring me more cats! 

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