The Plague and Dr Caim Graphic Novel Review

The Plague and Dr Caim Graphic Novel Review Creator: G. E. Gallas The Plague and Dr Caim is being crowdfunded through Unbound – you can find the details here. Doctor, Continue Reading


Captain Gaia Comic Book Review

Captain Gaia takes us on a whistle-stop tour of an eco-terrorism incident between Russia and the USA. “Code Blue”, a group of radical activists have been captured at the behest of the Russians (it’s Putin, but not as you know him). As a result, the world must look to Team Gaia to save them…again.

Thought Bubble 2018 Round up and Reviews

Thought Bubble 2018; Round up and Review What is Thought Bubble? Thought Bubble Festival is an annual celebration of comic art in all its forms. This year was the 12th Continue Reading