Killtopia Volume 3

Killtopia Volume 3 Writer: Dave Cook Artist: Clark Bint Colours: NL Ashworth Letters: Micah Myers Published: BHP comics Our review of Volume 2 Killtopia Killtopia is set in future Japan, Continue Reading

Candles- Review

Candles Created by Lyndon White Published by Cast Iron Books We received the advanced sample for the purposes of this review. Candles is currently on Kickstarter get your copy here: Continue Reading

Sagas of the Shield Maiden- Review

Sagas of the Shield Maiden is an oversized, Viking western, perfect bound comics anthology that recounts the legends, or sagas, of the titular Shield Maiden as she traverses Scandinavia and beyond the North Sea.

The Legend of La Mariposa- The Climb and other stories

The Legend of La Mariposa- The Climb and other stories is a collection of shorts collected in full colour and making their print debut.

Wayfinders: Off Course Part 1 review

Wayfinders: Off Course is a D & D inspired comic, in which the 3 main characters are shipwrecked and have to find their way back home, while trying to understand the mysterious origins of a mysterious compass.

The Deadliest Bouquet Comic Book Review

There’s been a murder in Les Trois Fleurs. Jasmine Hawthorn has been found murdered in her flowershop by her daughter. It’s up to her 3 estranged daughters Rose, Poppy and Violet to figure out what happened. But, can the women put aside their feelings of resentment aside and work together or are the secrets of their strange upbringing and family history about to be laid bare? 

Cuddles Comic Book Review

Cuddles, has a pretty sweet life, he’s collecting debts for a local crime boss and whilst feared he is also well respected. However, not all is as it seems. He discovers his partner Jacko has been skimming off the top. Not only that, but Jacko, is the son of their crime boss. If that wasn’t bad enough, a pair of FBI agents are sniffing around. Cuddles’ life is about to get very complicated. 

Dr Love Wave and The Experiments Issue 1

Dr Love Wave and The Experiments is about Milt, front man of the sci-fi surf rock band of the same name. On the one-year anniversary of his mother’s death, all Milt wants to do is play his way through the pain with his bandmates. But an invasion force of water stealing aliens have other things in mind!