Tales from Harrow County Deaths Choir Issue 1

Tales from Harrow County is back

Created by Cullen Bunn and Tyler Crook

Script: Cullen Bunn

Art: Naomi Franquiz

Letters: Tyler Crook

Covers: Tyler Crook and Naomi Franquiz

Publisher: Dark Horse

Setting foot in Harrow County

This is my first time stepping foot in Harrow County, but not my first time tangoing with esteemed writer Cullen Bunn. Bunn’s other series Bone Parish was one of my standout comics of 2018! So seeing his name pop up had me instantly drawn in.

Tales from Harrow County Death’s Choir follows on 10 years from the last trip to Harrow County. However, I didn’t feel lost at all. Bunn sets up the exposition seamlessly, it’s not blatant and obvious, the narration feels natural as we are brought up to speed.

Blistering heat and dread 

Naomi Franquiz’s art style is absolutely beautiful, the visuals are blistering. You can feel the tension, the dread and the quiet despair the characters are feeling. There is a dense tension hanging over Harrow County, the racial and religious tensions are starting to reach a precipice that feels like a pot about to boil over. Bunn and Crook have crafted a world that feels full of intrigue.

Franquiz’s use of colours and the watercolour style really compliment the stories setting and help keep us immersed in the heat and haze of Harrow County. Crook’s skilful letters really elevate Tales from Harrow County. The section, especially between Priscilla and Bernice, is a prime example with the subtle differences from each character and their personalities reflected in the lettering. You are carried with the narration like a melody through the trees. It all just works!

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Dear Miss Bernice, I love you

Miss Bernice is a wonderful lead character, she is not afraid of standing up for herself. However, she is smart enough to know when to be afraid. Something I particularly liked is how kind she is, we see her interact with a few characters, some of who are rude to her. Yet she still acts with dignity. Her kindness and poise, in a world where it’s often shown that ‘being mean is cool and edgy’ is a refreshing change. She is not quick to anger, she is gentle and conscientious, a well-considered leading lady, who I will protect forever.

Bernice does enjoy some tender moments, which are jarringly juxtaposed with the otherworldly violence we’ve been sensing the arrival of.

Issue 1 of Tales of Harrow County Death’s Choir is a loud first issue. It tells us a lot of information, shows us a lot of things we did not expect and leaves us wanting more!

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