Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything available now!

Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything is available from today (EU)


What wonderful witchery is this?

Natasha the Dark, Iggwilv the Witch Queen, daughter of Baba Yaga or simply the witch named Tasha, well-known for her spells such as Tasha’s hideous laughter, has compiled all the precious lore she has gathered during her illustrious career as an adventurer for the enrichment of all. Her book offers a taste of the great power that awaits D&D players and dungeon masters everywhere! 

Women in wizard clothing, pointy hat cloak, robes with yellow "magic" swirling around hand, holds big book in left hand in front is a bubbling cauldron

Full of expanded content for players and Dungeon Masters alike, this book is a great addition to the Player’s Handbook. Baked in you’ll find more file options for all the character classes in the Player’s Handbook, including more subclass options. Thrown in for good measure is the artificer class, a master of magical invention. And this witch’s brew wouldn’t be complete without a dash of added artefacts, 22 subclasses, 21 spells, 36 magic items, 11 magical tattoos, 15 feats for characters and 13 puzzles.

elvish figure to the left blasts a purple beam into a purple creatures eye. Figured dressed in yellow robes

What’s included? 

  • 92 pages full of new rules options and 22 new subclasses for all of the character classes in the Player’s Handbook, like the Fey Wanderer Ranger
  • Introducing the Artificer in a major rules expansion, plus the new Armorer subclass
  • New spellsmagic items, and artifacts, as well as the introduction of magical tattoos and Group Patrons and sidekicks
  • An expanded Dungeon Master toolkit, including a plethora of puzzle guides of varying difficulties
  • New rules to rework a character’s racial traits to customize their origin story
  • Run games in new locations like Enchanted Springs and Eldritch Storms


Where you can pick up your copy: 

Order now at your local game store, bookstores such as Barnes & Noble, Waterstones, or online at retailers like Amazon. Also available at D&D Beyond, Fantasy Grounds, and Roll20.

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