The Butcher of Paris issue 1

The Butcher of Paris

Script: Stephanie Philips

Art: Dean Kotz

Colours: Jason Wordie

Letters: Troy Peteri

Cover: Dave Johnson

Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

A Harrowing Tale

The Butcher of Paris is a harrowing tale that chills, especially considering the truth being this series.

At a time so fraught and filled with fear, one man saw an opportunity. An opportunity not to help his fellow man, but to trick, trap and slaughter hundreds of innocent people. His victims were innocent people, who came to him believing in good faith, that he could help them free Nazi occupied Paris. The Butcher of Paris is an incredibly relevant and poignant tale about desperation and the depths of true evil. One of the most notorious and prolific serial killers in history turned the occupied city into his personal hunting ground.  In a city on the brink of war, the hunt for a serial killer begins as a French detective races to catch the villain before the Nazis beat him to it.

Desperation and Fear in The Butcher of Paris

Kotz captures the desperation and the fear perfectly, the tension is palpable. This is certainly not a light heated read. It does serve as further proof about what a comic can be and the length and breadth of the subject matters that a series can be concerned with.

However, the similarities between the characters and the frequent jumping between characters does make the narrative a little difficult to follow in places. There are a lot of characters we are introduced to in this first issue and it is not until nearing the end do things tie in and become a little clearer.

Subtle colours and guiding letters

Wordie’s subtle colours are a far cry from the intergalactic colours we are used to seeing from him on Wasted Space, but that only speaks to his skill as a multi faceted colourist. Peteri’s expert lettering guides the eye, helping the reader navigate the horrors on the pages.

It is not everyday we read a comic that is so steeped in genuine history and horror. However, Philips has done her research and it really shows. She is dedicated to telling this story. Included is a poignant note to the reader at the end of the issue. She outlines her research and dedication. It is a hard issue to read that leaves you rightfully angry, angry at the injustices these innocent people face and the injustices that people are still facing.

The Butcher of Paris will be a series for readers who are interested in history, war and even true crime serial killers.

The Butcher of Paris is available now

Pick up your copy today from your trusted comic book shop or from Forbidden Planet. Published by Dark Horse Comics. 


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