The Complex review and interview

The Complex review and interview

Written by Lynn Renee Maxcy

Directed by Paul Raschid

Starring Michelle Mylett, Kate Dickie,  Al Weaver and Leah Viathan. 

The Complex is a live-action interactive sci-fi thriller from Wales Interactive, Red and Black Films, Good Gate Media and Little Jade Productions. 

Hot on the heels of Netflix’s Bandersnatch, which boasted a whole new way to enjoy television, is The Complex. Where Bandersnatch didn’t hit all the right buttons, The Complex goes further in doing so. 

Sci-fi technology

A relatively simple premise ideal for this type of FMV, The Complex lives up to its sci-fi roots. Dr Amy Tenent (Michelle Mylett) has created life-changing nanotechnology which could change the world. However, even though this nanotech has been designed to heal, there is no guarantee it won’t be used to harm. This new tech finds its way into the bloodstream of an intern, the team are locked in the lab to try and contain what could be a terrifying case of bioterrorism. or so they think. 

Where this premise may be simplistic, the choices we are asked to make are not. Straight out of the gate we’re asked to choose between one life and another. You only have a limited time in which to make your choices, so you the action keeps ramping at a steady pace. 

Which route will you take?

The choices that you make will change the way the story plays out and determine what of the 8 endings you achieve. The Complex as well as having multiple endings and avenues has real-time relationship status tracking and personality trait tracking. The personality status tracking starts right from the off as you are interesting with characters and making decisions. These decisions will strengthen or weaken your relationships. The stats can and will affect certain scenarios and have consequences in the concluding scenes. 

FMV’s often suffer from overacting, low budgets or just bad writing. However, The Complex manages to avoid these pitfalls. The acting from leads actresses Michelle Mylett and Kate Dickie (who plays the ruthless Nathalie Kensington) are engaging and believable. However, some phrases especially those uttered by Al Weaver (who plays Reese) are a little odd, but he is JUST bolshy enough to get away with them. 

The Complex provides a great bit of escapism given the current lockdown situation. I will certainly be going back to it to see what other choices I can make and how the story will differ! 

Interview with Michelle Mylett

We chat to Michelle Mylett star of The Complex about her experiences on set and being involved in this type of project. 

How does filming something like The Complex differ from other projects you’ve worked on? 

It was intense! Because of the choose your own adventure element we had to shoot a ton of different versions of the same scene depending on what the audience picks. It was difficult to keep track of where my character was at emotionally sometimes…thank god for our director Paul Raschid, he kept us very organized haha.

How did you prepare for your role as Dr Amy Tenent? 

The same way I would approach any new character, I think about who she is as a human being outside of the job, age, gender etc. I think about music taste a lot when developing a character…Amy likes classical and 90’s rap.

What do you think projects like The Complex offer viewers that may differ from regular films/games? 

 Its gives you some power in the storytelling! It also allows you to play/watch it again and see what the other options are instead of agonizing over it later…like what if Rose had just moved over and let Jack on the floating door??? ya know?

How was it being directed by Paul Raschid and what was it like on his futuristic set? 

He’s lovely and talented and SO organized…as I mentioned before he really kept us all in line. When you’re filming a movie with 100 different outcomes it’s easy to get lost and he made sure none of us did. It was a difficult shoot, we had massive days with limited time but he kept us on track while never sacrificing his creative vision. 

What was your favourite part of filming? 

Filming the scenes in the vent was cool, a bit claustrophobic but cool.

What three words would you use to describe The Complex

Timely, Complex (had to), and British (aside from me)

The Complex is available now on Switch, PC and Consoles and you can check out an exclusive clip from The Complex below! 

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