The Deadliest Bouquet Comic Book Review

The Deadliest Bouquet Issue 1 Comic Review

Written and lettered by Erica Schultz

Art by Carola Borelli

Colours by Gab Contreras

Colour assists by Chefel Peterson

Cover by Kevin Wada

Edits by James B. Emmett

Logo by Kevin Maher

Get your copy on:  https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/deadliestbouquet/the-deadliest-bouquet

The Deadliest Bouquet is a mystery 

There’s been a murder in Les Trois Fleurs. Jasmine Hawthorn has been found murdered in her flowershop by her daughter. It’s up to her 3 estranged daughters Rose, Poppy and Violet to figure out what happened. But, can the women put aside their feelings of resentment aside and work together or are the secrets of their strange upbringing and family history about to be laid bare? 

Something deadly hidden in the petals 

It is clear that there is more than meets the eye with the Hawthorn sisters, there is something deadly amongst the petals. As the story progresses we see snapshots of their upbringing, which doesn’t look exactly normal. It’s clear their mother was having them prepare for something, though for what- we’ll have to wait and see. The Deadliest Bouquet is a big first issue. It’s clear we’re in for some twists and turns, there is so much weaved in which leaves readers with a lot of questions. 

90s vibe

Set in the late 90s Borelli really taps into a modernist, cartoony style. Which helps in identifying each characters and lets their personalities shine through, coupled with the vibrant solid colours by Contreras and assited by Peterson. Each character is given a different voice by Schultz and it’s only amplified by Borelli’s distinguishable character styles. 

Mystery and intrigue

Whilst an interesting mystery is unfolding, there is a lot to unpack from the first issue. The Deadliest Bouquet has a really strong style and premise, that I think it will really shine as the series progresses and when the scene is set. The three sisters have distinct individual personalities and I look forward to seeing how that develops and how their upbrining will come into play. With such a strong, dynamic creative team, I have no doubts The Deadliest Bouquet is going to be a hit. 

Currently funding on Kickstarter.

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