The Family Graves Vol 1 Review

The Family Graves Vol 1: Fiercely Family 

Created by Timothy Bach and Brian Atkins

Written by Timothy Bach

Art and Inks: Brian Atkins

Colours issue 1 and 2: Dijjo Lima and Brandon Daniels

Colours issue 3 and 4: Ander Zarate

Letters: Marco Della Verde

Vol 1 art: Junacho (colours), Brian Atkins (pencils and inks)

Published by Source Point Press 

 Monster family life

When a dysfunctional family of monsters discovers a set of magical mirrors and the dark power they hold, they race across dimensions to capture the mirrors and prevent a chronal vampire from devouring the space-time continuum and destroying reality.

Navigating family life is tough, especially a big family and a high-stress career. Dr Phill Graves is handling is all relatively well- especially considering he is a werewolf. But Don’t worry it is not a secret- not from his Gorgon wife Bjanka, his (possibly) siren daughter Nori, his amphibi-son Lum and lil baby Gordo, 

In the world of The Family Graves society is really, I. mean really diverse. Like imagine the Monster Universe and Hammer – but also really futuristic USA. They’re all monsters, but good folk too. Dr Graves

Character design

Nori’s character, in particular, is really well written, she and her mother are admittedly drawn a little crudely- those are some TINY waists. But her character is spot on. The frustration and irritation that she feels towards herself and her family are really typical teenage feelings. Feeling like she doesn’t belong even in this monster world are feelings that readers can identify with. The creators have really captured her teenage angst. 

Whereas Lum, on the other hand, is the perfect hyper, annoying little brother! The family dynamics are really well put together. 

The only thing that left a little to be desired is the female character models. There are more (and more realistic) body types than the big boobs, tiny waist and big hip figure. In a series like this where the characters have so much to offer it is a shame to have it not reflected in these character designs.

Screenshot 2020-04-01 at 10.51.50

Science and family

The Family Graves is a complex series that is full of heart and sciences. Some of the terminology and science gets a bit dense but the panels and the art keep ups moving along nicely. You can get the gist of what’s happening just from the visuals if you get lost in the terminology. 

As the story travels along, it is really something to see the characters all grow as individuals and as a unit. They might row and clash at times but when it really matters, they are there for each other. Each member of the family has their own powers, but together, they are at their most powerful. 

As the volume progresses the stakes are suitably raised, the family must all pull together if they are going to get everyone back home safely. We are introduced to the villain of the series whose connection to the family only adds another level of tension. 

The Family Graves is a strong volume, perfect for fans of Fantastic Four and a more grown-up Incredibles. You can pick up a copy from your LCS or on ComiXology.

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