The Good Omens Cast is the cast of dreams

We’ve got good feelings about Good Omens

On May 31st, Good Omens is unleashed into the world. A TV show adapted from the cult classic book of the same name, written by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett, published 29 years ago.

A cast of dreams

So, who is in the cast, exactly? Who is playing the infamous Crowley and Aziraphale? And why exactly am I calling it my personal Cast Of Dreams?

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Now, this cast is massive, so what I’m going to do is just give you the big hitters, and the actors I’m most excited to see, or I’m going to be here all day, and this article is going to be a mile long!

I’ll start with the casting that got me into this whole show, and the book itself, in the first place.

David Tennant-

is playing the demon Crowley. That was it. It sold me. From that one sentence. I’ve been a lifelong David Tennant fan, ever since I laid eyes on him as The 10th Doctor. He was my first Doctor, and remains to be my favourite to this day. So, naturally, when I heard he was going to be playing a demon, in a Terry Pratchett book adaption, I was so completely and utterly sold I nearly cried with joy. I hadn’t even read the book at this point, and I was so utterly in love with the idea, I couldn’t help but jump with joy.

Michael Sheen-

is playing the angel Aziraphale. So, I grew up watching Michael Sheen in Underworld, playing the slightly evil werewolf Lucian. I haven’t really watched him in anything else (though I utterly fell in love with him during his appearances on Celebrity Bake Off and The Last Leg), so I was slightly worried about the casting. I’ve only seen Sheen as evil and sadistic. Him, playing an angel? A very, very, very good angel? I wasn’t sure. But when I found out that Neil Gaiman specifically wanted him, and that Sheen was a lifelong fan of the book, and then the subsequent trailer, I was sold on him. I cannot imagine anybody else playing Aziraphale, he is truly perfect for the role.
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Jon Hamm-

is playing The Archangel Gabriel. Now, this character isn’t in the original book, but he was discussed for a sequel between Sir Terry and Neil. Neil decided to put him in, along with a few other characters of note, to honour the sequel that was never made. Hamm is another lifelong fan of the book, and one Neil Gaiman personally asked to be in the show, I cannot wait to see how his character fits into proceedings!

Brian Cox-

is playing Death. As in the guy with the scythe. The leader of the The Four Horsemen. He was the last, and most anticipated voice casting, as Death himself has to be cast exactly right. He needs a big, booming voice, one that brooks no argument. Originally, I wanted Tom Hiddleston, because I’m a massive fangirl and he would have rounded off my cast of dreams perfectly, but when Brian was announced, I was delighted. I’m a massive fan of the X-Men, and have been since I was a child, and now the guy who played Striker is going to be Death in Good Omens, he could not be more perfect!

Derek Jacobi-

is playing Metatron. Yes, Professor Yana is voicing Metatron for the side of the angels. I could not be happier! I’ve only ever seen Jacobi as Professor Yana, but I know he’s going to nail this role!

Sian Brooke-

is the mother of the Antichrist. I loved watched Sian play Euros Holmes in Sherlock, and Benedict’s Ophelia in Hamlet, so to have her turn up, no matter how briefly, in Good Omens is going to be a massive treat, especially considering some of the other cast member involved…

Jack Whitehall-

is Newton Pulcifer. I grew up watching Jack Whitehall’s comedy on Mock The Week, QI and Live At The Apollo, and I cannot wait to see him stretch his acting skills! Jack is going to be perfect to play the downtrodden Newton, I cannot wait!

Frances McDormand-

is the Voice Of God. Oh yes, God is a woman in this adaption, and I cannot wait! I’ve never seen Frances in anything, to my knowledge, but just the idea of God being voices by a woman is a huge thing for me. I truly feel like the last two years has been The Era of The Woman in pop culture, I cannot wait to see how this is translated into Biblical terms!

And then, finally, last, but not least. The biggest name that made me scream with unbelievable amounts of joy.

Benedict Cumberbatch-

is playing Satan. I’d joked for months and months, saying that I’d love to see him and Tom Hiddleston in the show, possibly as the voice of Death, but as Satan? A character I hadn’t ever considered – as I’d half hoped i’d see Tom Ellis turn up as Satan, as he already plays a loose adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s Lucifer. To have Benedict, my favourite actor of all times, onboard to play Satan in a Terry Pratchett, my favourite author, adaption? I teared up. I nearly cried with joy. Pure, unadulterated joy. I may only hear his voice, but I could not be more excited if I tried. Benedict Cumberbatch in a Terry Pratchett adaptation, in a cast with so many other actors I’ve loved and adored since I was a child, I cannot believe my luck!

Like a dream come true! 

And that’s just the people who are playing big characters in this show! That’s not including the confirmed cameos from people such as Mark Gatiss, Jonathan Aris (told you that this was a Sherlock reunion), Anna Maxwell Martin, Daniel Mays, David Morrissey, Miranda Richardson and who knows who else is going to turn up in this show!

Honestly, this is such a cast of dreams, filled with actors I’ve either watched since I was a child, or at least actors I’ve loved through my teenage years and beyond.  


It’s also directed by Sherlock and Doctor Who director Douglas Mackinnon and the soundtrack (when Queen isn’t playing) is written by David G Arnold, also known for his work on Sherlock, and show run/written by Neil Gaiman himself, all of whom made sure that it’s filled with Sherlock and Doctor Who references.

I literally couldn’t ask for more out of this show. I literally could not ask for more.

I am so, so damn excited for this show. I’ve been following it for so long, and freaking out over casting, for the last two years. To finally have this show at the end of the month, it doesn’t feel real!

Good Omens is coming to Amazon Prime 31st May 2019! Click the banner below to start a 30 day free trial for prime video and make sure you don’t miss a second! 

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