The Junction graphic novel review

The Junction

Creator: Norm Konyu


All roads lead to The Junction

1984, 11-year-old Lucas Jones and his father, vanish without a trace. Fast forward 12 years and Lucas appears on his Uncle’s doorstep, silent, haunted and still 11 years old. 

It is up to local police detective and a child psychologist to try and unravel the mystery of what happened to Lucas. The only clues they have to work from are some strange polaroids and a journal he kept during the time of his disappearance. The entries all detailing his time in a place called The Junction. Only, The Junction does not appear on any map and no one has ever heard of it…

Country road take me home

The Junction’s twisting and mysterious narrative draws you in and really does not let you go. Lucas is now the ‘oldest boy in the world’ which in itself is a mystery but the event of his disappearance and where he has been for 12 years may be an even bigger mystery.

The Junction had me gripped. This is a whole new level of storytelling. Norm has crafted something that is complex and doesn’t always hold your hand, which is not a criticism. We are encouraged to make our own assumptions, try to figure out what we think happened. Norm guides us down a particular path, rarely straying into tangents, keeping us engrossed and fully invested in finding out the truth about Lucas and the Junction. 

Little pieces make the whole

There are so many little pieces scattered through The Junction like breadcrumbs, at the first read, they are easy to miss or disregard as nothing key to the story. However, as the narrative moves on and the layers of the mystery are peeled back we see these little pieces clicking into place. These little touches and the confidence in Norm’s craft really elevates The Junction. We get a lot of submissions of debut comics at Valks Hq. But it has been a long time since one came along that felt so well crafted and authentic. 

Visually engaging 

The art style of The Junction is seriously engaging. The colours, the use of blank spaces and the character designs are really well developed and unique. Norm is in complete creative control and he is not afraid to take risks. These risks 100% come off. 

The Junction is a really powerful and poignant comic. With themes of grief, loss and letting go. We have so many questions whilst we read that all end up neatly squared away. Except for the one thing. If you could spend the rest of your life with those you love, even after death- would you?

The Junction is currently funding on Kickstarter, so go show your support and back this incredible graphic novel now! 


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