The Last of Us is BACK…Soon.


The Last of Us

Initial release date: 14 June 2013
Developer: Naughty Dog
Awards: BAFTA Games Award for Best Game 
Genres: Action-adventure game, Survival horror

So, E3 happened a couple of weeks ago, and while my optimistic (slightly naïve) ass was hoping for a release date, we didn’t get one.


We did get an amazing twelve minute game-play trailer. Since watching that trailer, my obsession with The Last of Us (hereby referred to as TLoU because…laziness) has returned, and I went back to play Left Behind, the DLC that shows a little bit of Ellie’s back story—which is why this article is a late to the party.

Warning: This article is going to be a little bit haphazard, because when it comes to TLoU I can’t commit myself to just talking about one thing. So come on a journey with me…

Why I Loved The Last of Us

Disclaimer: I’m definitely going to miss some things out here, because there are so many great things about TLoU, and my memory sucks.

As a writer (and a reader), I’m a sucker for a good story, and I think that was the main attraction for me when it came to TLoU.  Yeah sure, the zombie apocalypse story has been done many times before…but not like this. TLoU was gritty and real (especially if you play on Grounded, where resources are scarce), and the story took many twists and turns that had me on the edge of my seat.

Now I’m just waiting for the movie adaptation with Hugh Jackman as Joel and Ellen Page as Ellie…Yeah, that’s not gonna happen, is it?

I also loved how intuitive the game was. I liked to have the option to sneak past antagonists instead of having to kill them all. I know that TLoU isn’t the only game like that, but it’s a nice touch for me!

Why I Will Probably Love The Last of Us Part II

Speaking of intuitive, let’s move onto TLoU 2 trailer. The combat scenes look essentially seamless, with Ellie able to duck and hide under cars and hurl bottles without breaking stride. The fighting has also become a lot more gruesome! Combine that with Ellie’s passionate kiss at the beginning of the trailer, and I think it’s safe to say that she is all grown up now! Honestly, I’m so glad. When Joel got hurt in the first game and Ellie took over, it made the game more challenging, but also frustrating at times, because she was visibly weaker, couldn’t hold as many weapons, and of course, could not swim…


TLoU world seems to have changed a lot since then, and Ellie now knows how to play the guitar, so hopefully someone taught her how to swim too. One last thing that was intriguing about the trailer: no mention of infected. Not even a clicker to be heard. Does that mean a cure was finally found? Maybe one that involved Ellie? Guess we’ll find out…

Overall, I’m super excited to play the game and to see how Ellie has grown since the last time we saw her, and how her story will continue to develop throughout this second instalment. My only question (besides “when is the release date?”) is: Where is Joel?!?!

There is mention of Ellie’s ‘old man’ at the start of the E3 trailer, and the teaser from last year (that shows Ellie playing the guitar) also features Joel, although we don’t see his face.

Will he be featured in TLoU 2?


Will he be a playable character?

Who knows? I hope so.

That’s all I have to say…and now I want to hear from you! Do you have any predictions for Part II? What was your favourite part of the E3 trailer? Let me know in the comments!


Yet to play The Last of Us? Don’t hesitate to pick it up! Buy it through our affiliate link and at no extra charge to you, we get a little commission! Win win!

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