The Legend of La Mariposa Podcast interview with James Lawrence

La Mariposa

Created by James Lawrence

“The Luchador occupies the role of wandering hero in search of glory”

As you will likely know, I love me some folklore, folklore tales and generally any sort of tale from different cultures. So I was immediately charmed by James’ introduction into La Mariposa. You can not help but be drawn in by his passion and fascination with Luchadors. We chat with creator James Lawrence about his love of luchadors, his creative process and very importantly what his own luchador outfit would look like! 

La Mariposa is a real hero

Although she is led astray by those she admires. It is a tale as old as time and a good argument for not letting those you blindly admire take advantage. She is led astray by the ‘sons of justice’ – who have become lazy and greedy. They are certainly not the heroes that La Mariposa was expecting.


Set out in a formulaic narrative style reminiscent of a video game. La Mariposa must fight bosses of increasing strength and skill until she faces the big boss. Thud completing her quest. However, what if her quest is not as noble as she first thought? La Mariposa may not get what she initially came for, but she remains a hero. One who will look out for the little guy, she is not caught up with the concept of fame.

It is a tale of humility and deals with disappointment all hidden behind masks and colourful spandex. As well as betrayal it is tale about finding ones feet after a fall. About picking yourself up, dusting yourself off and getting straight back into the fray.

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