The Legend of La Mariposa- The Climb and other stories

The Legend of La Mariposa- The Climb and other stories

Created by James Lawrence

Currently funding on KS: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/longlivelamariposa/the-legend-of-la-mariposa-the-climb-and-other-stories

The Legend of La Mariposa- The Climb and other stories is a collection of shorts collected in full colour and making their print debut. Creator James Lawrence advises that whilst references are made to the previous comic La Mariposa and the Demon Gauntlet these short stories can be read independently. Though you should absolutely check that out too! 

The Legend of La Mariposa- The Climb

La Mariposa is one of my favourite comic book characters, she is charming as hell and kicks ass! In the Climb, she is trying to find a rare treasure for a so-called ‘collector’ in exchange for a new well for a local orphanage. However, nothing is as it seems. 

Once again La Mariposa shows us the strength of her heart and that two wrongs don’t make a right. That and the Superkick Sundae is perfect to show a bad guy whose boss. 

La Mariposa and the Night of the Chupacolossus

Reading The Legend of La Mariposa is like watching Saturday morning cartoons on Cartoon Network. I get this warm sense of nostalgia from the character designs, the action and the victorious endings. 

I absolutely loved this particular short, James’ take on the chupacabra is so distinctive and hilarious. It is a brilliant mini-comic in which our hero with the help of the fearless goat, Black Doris join forces to take on the super jacked chupacabra. 

The Grip of the Gruesome Grappler 

The famous Sons of Justice are saving a town from a nasty curse. Again James manages to capture something special. I can’t stress enough that if you were a 90s baby like me who grew up with Scooby Doo, Powerpuff Girls or Cow and Chicken you will absolutely love La Mariposa and all the tales in this collection. 

There are so many little details in the panels of La Mariposa, in particular, I really liked the salt throw turning into a boxing ring in The Grip of the Gruesome Grappler. These details and a sense of humour are what makes La Mariposa really shine. Each one of the stories is engaging and massively entertaining. I always look forward to reading the tales of the legendary La Mariposa. 

Go check out the campaign today and be sure to pick up The Legend of La Mariposa- The Climb and other stories. 

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