The Little Deaths of Watson Tower- Moonage Daydreams and Grim Reapers

The Little Deaths of Watson Tower

Writer: Nick Bryan
Illustrator: Rosie Alexander

The Little Deaths of Watson Tower is the one-shot story of Kelly and her friends, who like to dress up like little grim reapers for fun and hang around a local tower block, y’know, as kids do. All of a sudden, though, their fun and games hit a little too close to home…

The kids are alright

Between the glorious candy-floss moonage daydreams that are the covers of The Little Deaths of  Watson Tower (Rosie Alexander is one to watch, I tell you), we are treated to a spread of cool greyscale to paint the world we are invited to explore with Kelly and her friends. After an unfortunate encounter with one of the local residents of the Watson tower block our gang frequents, we see Kelly head home to her family, and it becomes clear that they are going through some difficult times. The next day, Kelly heads to the tower block, but instead of being greeted by her friends, she is greeted by something altogether more sinister…

image 1

Don’t fear the reaper

Black and white may have seemed like an obvious choice for a tale of loss, death, and childhood, but the way this comic is composed makes this choice seem completely inspired. From the mix of watercolour and solid black lettering, written in delightfully daubed brushstrokes, to the dappled light and dark shadows – black and white has never looked more profound. Everywhere you look in The Little Deaths of Watson Tower you see a juxtaposition; hard and soft, childhood and death, fear and love; and that is what makes this comic so poignant.

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Deliberate and careful

The Little Deaths of Watson Tower does in twenty pages what life can take over twenty years to do; it holds our hand and makes us realise that after all, even though all the grey and the messiness and the unexpected, scary obstacles we face; with the right people around you, it’s gonna be okay.

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