A Hand-o with the Mando: A Mandalorian Cheat Sheet

I don’t know if you all knew, but there has been a new Star Wars series out! The Mandalorian (and its adorable cast) has been taking the internet by storm and providing a much needed balm for the soul in the wake of the end of the Skywalker Saga (you can read our spoiler-free review here). We Brits, of course have not seen any of it. Not one episode. Not a thing. Thanks, Disney+.

For those immersed in the Star Wars canon and lore, you may well know a fair bit about the Mandalorians, especially one armour-stealing green and red operative in particular. For those who have managed to escape the clutches of the Sarlacc before being dragged deep into the Great Pit of Carkoon that is the Star Wars fandom – I’m here to offer a helping hand. It’s spoiler free, too – what with me having seen none of the show, of course, obviously. Let’s talk Mando.


My favourite Space Cowboy

This is the way.

So, what is a Mandalorian? We were first introduced to Mandalorians in The Empire Strikes Back, but not in a particularly meaty way. We got some exposition and explanations that left us knowing just what we needed, but left these mercenaries shrouded in and air of delightful and delicious mystery. It was the expanded universe that did the heavy lifting in developing the Mandalorians and their history.


ESB bounty hunters
All the bounty (hunters) left in the selection box


Madalorians are hardened warriors. Often taking the roles of mercenaries and bounty hunters, they are known in part for thier iconic armour – originally designed to make all Mandos appear alike. It’s that T-visor that makes me weak at the knees every time. This iconic armour conceals a whole host of weapons deisnged specifically to defeat the Mandalorian’s arch enemy number one; the Jedi. This armour, called beskar’gam meaning “iron skin” in Mandalorian, is often made from beskar (shocker). Beskar is a material native to Mandalore and its moon, Concorida. Beskar is perfect for making Mando armour as it just so happens to be lightsaber-proof. Convenient, that. A long time ago, the people of Mandalore sided with the Sith against the Jedi. This evenutal war brought ruin to their planet (which was already pretty desolate to begin with) and dissoved the Mandalorians into a small, nomadic population.


“I take it you have no love of the Empire…”

“Mandalorian” is a pretty broad term. The original inhabitants of Mandalore, the planetary namesake of these galactic bad-asses, were the Taung. In time, the Taung adopted the term “Mandalorian” and took on the new culture brought to their planet. While they may appear to be lone bounty hunters on the surface, Mandalorians are far more than that in number and heart. Some “New Mandalorians” chose to pursue a more pacifist lifestyle, wanting to distance themselves from the bloodshed and violence perpetrated by their predecessors. After all, Mandalore was a neutral planet in the Clone Wars.


Star Wars Rebels Sabine
Sabine Wren (Star Wars Rebels) and the one-of-a-kind Darksaber, created by Tarre Viszla, the first Mandalorian ever inducted into Jedi Order…y’know that is just some useful fact hat might be worth knowing and remebering at some point…just saying…


Mandalorian magic

Our Mandalorian is doing his thing after the fall of the Galactic Empire, but before the rise of the First Order (so no, that isn’t actually Baby Yoda, just a baby of whatever Yoda was, which we don’t have an actual species name for in the canon. Still a cutie, though). I couldn’t shed too much light on the series because, obviously, as discussed, we here in the UK don’t have Disney+ yet, and so have absolutely no way to ever access the sacred texts. One would imagine that we will see our beskar-clad babe travelling throught the galaxy with a green baby and a beautiful, badass woman, righting wrongs and collecting bounties – all while discovering the most valuable bounty of all…friendship.

With every new installment of the Star Wars franchise, we also gain a new host of critics and fans alike. The Mandalorian (I imagine) fills in gaps with solid gold. For so long, a people so expemplified by a choice few heroes has a new memeber among their ranks, and he might just be the best one yet. I have spoken.


Mando and Cara
Beskar Baes

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