The Misadventures of Spring-Heeled Jack

The Misadventures of Spring-Heeled Jack Issue 1 A Whisker Away

Created by Tom Sparke

First off I would just like to say straight out of the gate, the character names are a thing of beauty. 

Screenshot 2020-04-01 at 09.48.30

okay, as you were.

Spring-Heeled Jack is like a cockney Robing Hood But with a moral compass that is not quite as strong. We meet Jack as he bounds his way across the roofscape of ‘olden day’ London. Alongside Jack there are a few key characters who I am sure we’ll meet time and time again as the series develops. In this first issue, we don’t want to give much away, we don’t do spoilers here at Valks Hq, we get a really good idea of the kind of person that Jack is and the trouble he might find himself in. 

The Misadventures of Spring-Heeled Jack is a series that is accessible to readers of all ages. It is a great comic for parents and kids to enjoy together. The Oatmeal-esque characters and slapstick visuals keep a younger audience engaged. Those plentiful puns will not fail to amuse the parents/ older readers. 

Genuinely funny and charming 

Tom has crafted something very charming and genuinely funny. Confident writing coupled with vivid and lively artwork come together in a great first issue. The Misadventures of Spring-Heeled Jack is a lighthearted comic, that is entertaining and witty. The Oversized panels and easy bold text blend lovely with the easy-going tone of the comic.

The Misadventures of Spring-Heeled Jack is a great read. It does not ask anything of its readers, we are all just here to have a good time. Which is exactly what this issue is, a good time. I could have happily carried on reading about his adventures and misdeeds long after the issue was over. 

Screenshot 2020-04-01 at 09.49.04

There is such a British soul in the issue with the glorious puns and cracking one-liners. Some of the lines, in particular, reminded me of the likes of Blackadder and Monty Python. Tom has a really interesting series brewing, I look forward to seeing what Misadventures Spring-Heeled Jack gets into next!

Pick up your copy of The Misadventures of Spring-Heeled Jack now over on Etsy. If you do pick up a copy, pop a “comic people are the best people” tote bag in your order for us as well, I LOVE IT.


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