The Psychic Awakening: Dark Angels Delight

Dark Angels Delight #Lorehammer

As we know, the Psychic Awakening and the Ritual of the Damned are nigh. What with the books now hitting the shelves, it seems about time we followed up from our Grey Knights piece. It’s time for a little Chaos and historic betrayal, as a treat. It’s time for the Dark Angels to descend.

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When you’re not sure about the new hat but your battle brothers reassure you it’s cute xox

Don’t Call Me Angel

Created as the prototype and standard for all future Chapters and Legions during the First Founding, the Dark Angels had no easy path to number one. Originally known only as the “First Legion” it was this army that swelled like a wave to come crashing down upon the very end of the Unification Wars. Being the first of their type, and successful with it, drew plenty of attention. Of course, not all of it was positive. The Thunder Warriors, OG troops of the Emperor, began to realise that their Dad had a new favourite kid. Realising that these new Space Marines were superior in every way to them, the Thunder Warriors turned upon the Emperor. The Thunder Warriors saw their shorter life-spans, their imperfect genetics, their clumsy augmentations all pale in comparison to this new host of warriors. They got mad. Real mad.

Seeing their imperfections as curses for Not Being Good Enough, the Thunder Warriors marched against the Emperor and his betrayal. This, however, was to be their downfall. Dad’s new squad mercilessly wiped out the Thunder Warriors, turning them from obsolete to extinct. Now they could settle in as favourites, sitting pretty as First and foremost. Then again, you know what they say about being at the top: there’s only one way to go…



Thunder Warriors vs. Dark Angels
You vs. the guys the Emperor tells you not to worry about :/

Angel has Fallen

The Dark Angels’ devotion to the Emperor of Mankind is well known and now unfaltering. One of the darkest, most closely guarded secrets within the Imperium lies at the heart of the Dark Angels. This unwavering loyalty comes not just from a place of reverence, but also from one of guilt and penance. During the Horus Heresy, some among the Dark Angels’ number were pried from the Emperor and turned to Chaos. A bloody battle ensued that laid waste to the Dark Angels’ home-world of Caliban during which many traitors were slaughtered. Some, however, but not all. The surviving traitors were consequently and rather unceremoniously flung through space and time by the Chaos Gods themselves. This loss became the remaining, loyal Dark Angels’ obsession.

Those defected Angels have since been known as “The Fallen” or “The Fallen Angels”. The thing that drives the Dark Angels above any war or battle is the discovery of their remaining wayward brothers and their subsequent repent…or death. Dark Angels will pump the breaks on any campaign as soon as word reaches them of the resurfacing of any of the Fallen. It is this devotion to righting the most heinous wrong that they believe will one day, soon, maybe, eventually, prove their fealty once again to the Emperor of Mankind and forgive their past. Maybe. One day.


Dark Angels
When someone has the audacity to wake you up by opening your curtains without warning

Lion’s Angels

Under their Primarch Lion El’Jonson (he has a whole backstory we can talk about in-depth another time; got lost, lived in the woods, was good at fighting, killed monsters, got given the Dark Angels as a thank you gift from Dad), the Dark Angels have more decorations and battle honours than any other Chapter. Their only equals are their very own successor chapters. Keep it in the family, eh lads? Their battle history is stellar, and as you would expect from the oldest fighting force around, they have fought at the side of every major arm of the Imperium’s military. As you would also almost certainly expect, the Dark Angels do their fighting on their terms. They have a tendency toward the lofty and aloof, but there is little condescension about it all. The Dark Angels are intensely secretive, with only a choice few high ranking members knowing their full history (your knowledge of Chapter history increases as you ascend through the ranks – you basically get to level up).

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Jumping on the Just Eat delivery guy when he arrives ten minutes late


So, it seems that the time is upon us to see if the Dark Angels can stand up to Chaos once again without losing a chunk of their number…

The battle has been millennia in the making for these green and red guys. There are none who have more to prove against Chaos than the Dark Angels…but will they be triumphant? Luckily, Psychic Awakening: The Ritual of the Damned is available now, so you don’t have to wait to find out!!


In case you missed it, check out our Grey Knights article here. Until next time, folks – keep those dice rolling!


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