The Rose Society – Comic Book Review

The Rose Society – Comic Book Review

Writer: Eddie Klinker
Art: Daimon Hampton
Colours & Letters: Jimmy Greenhalgh

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Adam is struggling. It’s clear when we see him speaking at the funeral of his best friend, Markus, that he isn’t doing well. Things take a turn once he leaves, however, as Adam’s already messy life goes from bad to worse, and then to downright bizarre…this is The Rose Society. 

Rose Society by any other name…

The Rose Society has pacing down to a fine art. This comic hooks us with an immediate empathy and a dash of intrigue, and it doesn’t let up for one panel. Adam struggles, stumbles, and falls – and we just want to stick around to hold his hand through it all. He is not alone, however. The tender scenes between he and Jake are more moving than I expected. Maybe I got choked up, who knows. (I know, and I did).

The art style is as frenetic and busy as the world we’re in, and fits the theme and aesthetic of The Rose Society down to a tee. We soon find out that our protagonists are being hunted, and upon a perfect cliffhanger, we find out by whom…



We live in The Rose Society

There are certain touches which add real depth to The Rose Society. Panel layout when dancing between the present and Adam’s painful memories creates an immersive and engaging read. We are invested in the characters we meet, something that isn’t easy to pull off in a first issue. Among these flawed, messy individuals, there are no superheroes. They are just people, trying to live their lives and do their best.

A story-line at once simple and involved, it’s hard not to be pulled into this comic. You don’t realise how quickly you burn through the pages. In fact, I found myself swiping across for the next once i reached the end. Roll on issue two, and watch, you never know who might turn up…


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