The Shiny Shrimps (2019) film review

The Shiny Shrimps

Director: Cédric Le Gallo, Maxime Govare

Release: French Release: May 2019

On demand, DVD, Blu Ray release:  Jan 2020

Our Rating: 4 shiny shrimpy stars ★★★★

The Shiny Shrimps is a film based on the real life, french water polo team of the same name.

Diving straight in, soz

Mattihus is hot headed and bad tempered, he is an champion swimmer. Who because of a homophobic slur he threw at a journalist, is facing the end of his career. In order to keep his swimming career he must coach the Shiny Shrimps, the gay water polo team, based in Paris all the way to the Gay Games. The Shiny Shrimps have little hope of achieving their goal to compete in the world’s biggest LGBTQ+ sporting event. but, they are undisciplined and unfocused, they just want to have fun, the total opposite to Mattihu’s approach to sports.

“Like the Olympics, but less boring but with more hot guys”

The group is made up of a multi colour array of personalities, what looks at first like a broad stroke of a group stereotypical game men, later become a multifaceted group of very individual people.

The Shiny Shrimp team, is made up of 8  swimmers, the head being Jean who is the glue that keeps them all together. Jean, is, our somewhat tragic hero, but I won’t tell you anymore then that. In the group it is not all happiness and rainbows, there are some prejudices, especially from Joel, the oldest member of the group. However, as we travel through the film, his prejudices lesson. In admitting some harsh truths about himself, he starts to repair relationships and is so much happier. 

When the squad steps out looking fresh

There are so many different redemption arcs throughout The Shiny Shrimps.  All wrapped in a sometimes musical, very french, saucy sports movie.

Its so feel good, it’ll make your teeth ache. The Shiny Shrimps has the perfect blend of heartache, friction, musical numbers and bare bums. Image Priscilla Queen of the Desert meets A League of Their Own and some Billy Elliot.

I loved it. You can not help the lump in your throat when they come together and things start to align.

They are a family, a strange family arguably but a wonderful family. They have their disagreements but they look out for one another and champion each other.

“I would rather loose with the people I love then win alone”

As much as this is a film about a team wining, the actual competition is secondary. This is a film about a group of people becoming something more, about acceptance, tolerance and love. This is a perfect watch if you want some uplifting, glittering fun with a swimming pool sized bucket of heart and charm. Ideal for fans of Priscilla Queen of the Desert and Bring it on

Its a corker. It’ll go down as a camp classic for years I have no doubt. Also can I get a Shiny Shrimp jacket asap plz. Ta

The Shiny Shrimps dvd and blu ray covers

The Shiny Shrimps is available on DVD, Blu Ray and on Demand now! 


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