The Umbrella Academy: Comic Vs Tv Show

The Umbrella Academy Comic Vs Tv Show

The Umbrella Academy is arguably one of the most shows on Netflix right now, but The Umbrella Academy itself has been around for far longer. The show is based on the Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá comic of the same name. So far there have been three arcs to the comic series; Apocalypse Suite, Dallas and Hotel Oblivion. The Netflix TV show has followed the comic events reasonably well. 

Some changes

But, they’ve also changed a fair few things as well, so let’s explore five of the main changes to the cast, the story, and the world: 

  • The character design. In the comics, all of the Umbrella Academy kids are white. Allison has purple hair and a metal arm, Luther is more confident in his medically altered body, Klaus is near permanently seen in Hawaiian shirts, the list goes on. In the show, there’s more racial diversity, Luther covers himself up constantly, and Klaus, at least at first, is dressed entirely in dark colours.
    Umbrella Academy TV Show Cast vs Comics Characters
  • Ben. In the comics, Ben died young and only makes appearances in flashbacks. In the show, Klaus has manifested Ben since his funeral, and he has since become a fan favourite character. It’s never explained why Ben’s ghost isn’t hanging around in the comics, providing brilliant sarcastic commentary, but, I, for one am glad he was included in the show!

umbrella academy cast vs comics

  • Pogo. Well, not Pogo precisely, in the comics, Pogo is still their talking monkey butler/father figure, but, in the show, there aren’t any others like him. In the comics, talking, humanoid monkeys are a normal thing. Inspector Lupo (the comic counterpart to Detective Patch, Diego’s ex-girlfriend) has a talking monkey as a partner, meanwhile, it looks like Pogo is the only talking monkey in the show’s world. 
  • Leonard Peabody. In the comics, Vanya’s homicidal boyfriend doesn’t exist. Instead, Vanya is turned into The White Violin by a character known only as The Conductor. The Conductor conducts a murderous orchestra called Orchestra Verdammten, they need her to help play out ‘The Apocalypse Suite’. A song which, with Vanya’s powers, will destroy the world. Meanwhile, in the show, Leonard earns Vanya’s trust and manipulates her into destroying the world all by herself – the orchestra behind her has nothing to do with it. 

The Umbrella Academy Villains Explained | Den of Geek

  • Hazel and Cha-Cha. The cartoon masks stay the same, however, almost everything else about these two characters has been changed. In The Umbrella Academy comics, Hazel and Cha-Cha are sugar-high, sadistic, psychopaths who want nothing but ‘instant armageddonn’. They torture Agnes and anyone else they think will help get them to Five. The show humanises them a little more – makes them (marginally) less sadistic, especially in Hazel’s case. 

The Umbrella Academy Villains Explained | Den of Geek

And that’s my top five! What changes have you noticed between the comics and the show?

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