The Valks head to EGX Rezzed 2019- The Round up

Egx Rezzed 2019

Tobacco Dock London, played host to thousands of gaming fans, industry professionals and press all there to check out the latest and titles and techs from all over. Egx Rezzed was the first hot event of The Valkyries 2019 calendar- what a way to kick off the year! 

We will be bringing you a big batch of more detailed coverage on the titles we played but this is the general Egx Rezzed roundup!

Titles we got handsy with:

  • Snowtopia- Tea for Two Studios: an utterly charming simulator based in snowy mountains where you build the perfect ski resort. Reminiscent of the likes of Hotel Tycoon and Rollercoaster Tycoon. 

Snowtopia, ski resort game

  • Divinity: Fallen Heroes- Larian Studios: A new tactical game brimming with RPG elements, set in the universe of critically acclaimed RPG Divinity: Original Sin 2. 
  • Close to the sun- Storm in a Tea Cup: A first-person puzzle-solving horror/ adventure game set in rich and decadent Art Deco surroundings in a world where Nikola Tesla’s technologies and visions are part of the everyday.
  • Disobedient Sheep- SicklyDove Games: This was one of the highlights of the event, an utterly captivating multiplayer sheep herding strategy game. 
  • Hamsterdam- Muse Games- Set in the fictional town of Hamsterdam; young hamster Pimm must save his grandfather and his town from the threat of a new enemy the only way he knows how. With devastating martial arts!



  • We Were Here Together- Total Mayhem: Explore the frozen landscapes with your teammate and your walkie talkies, solving puzzles and fighting to survive! 
  • The Endless Mission- E-Line Media: A sort of meta game within a game, you have control.. total control over what genre of game you want to drop your character in, control her size, her speed or even build yourself your own adventure! 
  • Beyond Blue- E-Line Media: Another treasure we discovered at Rezzed, this absolutely captivating underwater adventure created alongside the BBC’s Blue Planet 2 is a combination of immersive gameplay and education. 
  • Fade to Silence- Black Forest Games: Set in a snowy dystopian future, you play as Ash trying to rebuild his life and just survive the Eldritch horrors that are lurking and infecting the world around you. 
  • Luna: The Shadow Dust- Lantern Studio and Application Systems Heidelberg: Luna was something else entirely, like controlling a Studio Ghibli character through their adventure. It is entirely hand drawn and just unequivocally charming. 
  • Sunless Skies- Failbetter Studios: What a game. Pilot your steam train around the skies in this narrative and adventure focused role-playing game. Set in an atmospheric Victorian era, Sunless Skies is a real gem (Full review of Sunless Skies will be coming super soon)




  • Cake Bash- High Tea Frog and Coatsink: This was a delicious little treat to play. Pick your cakey hero and battle against the other delicacies to build the most beautiful dessert and kick each other’s choux buns!
  • Okunoka- Caracal Games: A delightfully tricky puzzle game that had me hooked almost instantly. Both colorful and engaging; Okunoka is a wonderfully difficult challenge that will have you saying “just one more go” over and over.
  • Get Closer-Rachel Clancy and Aida Sancho-Lopez: Get Closer is a text adventure game about how to help a friend experiencing depression. The game takes the form of a conversation between the player and a frog trapped in a hole. Housed inside a nest, you must peer in to see the frog on screen, it was something like I had never experienced.



The Egx Rezzed Venue

Tobacco Dock is a bizarre venue, it is like a maze. There are two floors in split into sections with many doorways, vaults, a bar, and I am not ashamed to admit I got lost a few times! Tobacco dock is not entirely covered there are outside courtyard like areas in-between the sheltered exhibition areas so it was continuously hot and cold, thankfully it wasn’t raining! 


Toilets: Lots of them! Toilets are located on every floor, with unisex toilets as well as m/f toilets and several disabled toilets. 

Food and Drink: Okay so honestly, this was pretty awful. There were two fresh baked pizza stalls and that was it other than a few pop-up stalls with crisps and cans of drinks. Two pizza stands are not enough for the number of people in attendance, especially considering that on the first day no outside food or drink was permitted. (This changed on day two, much to many peoples frustrations). 

Staff and Security: There were the venue and Egx Rezzed staff in abundance to answer any questions/ direct you if you got lost. Bag checks were conducted prior to entry and the whole thing was handled swiftly and without any hassle. 

Chillout: Located on the lower level was a very spacious chill-out zone, complete with bean bags, lots of space and a little coffee truck, ideal for anyone looking for a little breather or a chance to recoup. Even though there was a high level of guests in attendance, the event never felt overwhelmingly busy or cramped.

Merchandise: Right, the merchandise variety was not at all what I expected.. in the sense that the variety was pretty much none existent. It was ideal if you were looking to buy A) Manga Figurines (of completely disproportionate women just fyi) B) Fake Katanas, C) anything vaguely derived from Japanese Culture but not so much if you wanted to pick up actual merchandise from what was being exhibited. I was hoping for some cool exclusives but was totally out of luck. 

Rezzed Round-Up

All in all, our first experience with Egx Rezzed was a positive one, all of the developers we spoke to were bursting with enthusiasm and love for the titles they were creating and we got to try some titles we might not normally have picked up. 

Not only that, but we got to finally hang out with the absolutely excellent Robin from Coaching for Geeks, who is a total superstar. 

Our big titles to look out for following Egx Rezzed are: Luna, Sunless Skies, Close to the Sun and Beyond Blue, those titles, in particular, captured our attention and our hearts. 


Thank you again to everyone we spoke to, we love you all and hope you loved the goodie bags! Let us know if you were at Egx Rezzed and what your standout titles were! 

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