The Valkyries favourite 4 Horror movies of 2018 and one that missed the scare.

It is pretty common knowledge that The Valkyrie girls absolutely LOVE horror movies and we would be amiss if we didn’t put together a wee round up of our favourite horror movies that were released in 2018!

The top 4 horror movies of 2018 as chosen by The Valk squad

As with all things, these are in no particular order!

A Quiet Place

Director- Jon Krasinski

A Quiet Place was a success by all accounts. The world has been overrun by creatures who may be blind but they have incredibly keen hearing and anything they hear they will kill completely without remorse.

A Quiet Place features barely any dialogue and the experience is only heightened as tensions mount, especially upon the arrival of a baby!

I thoroughly enjoyed A Quiet Place and would welcome Krasinski into the horror director fold.

A quiet place horror film screen shot man with beard in woods
Don’t make a sound!


Director- Alex Garland

Annihilation was a bit of wild card watch for me, I have to admit I had no knowledge of it before the film dropped. I loved every single second of it. Except for that bit with the screaming bear thing, that.. that haunts me to this day.

It is certainly a mind bending sci fi adventure, which is not uncommon coming from Alex Garland, who’s previous work was the eerily realistic Ex- Machina. If you found yourself scratching your head as the credits roll you wouldn’t be alone, digital spy has a great piece that explains the ending.

It is visually an utterly stunning film, the world that Garland has envisioned is vast and beautiful, the performances from the leading actress’s are next level. Tessa Thompson in particular really shines.

5 women with back packs walking towards swirling unknown
Squad is on the move

Ghost Stories

Directors- Jeremy Dyson and Andy Nyman

Ghost stories is probably the horror of 2018 that spooked me the most. It is a total psychological assault and an absolutely exceptional example of British horror at its finest.

Martin Freeman is a real scene stealer through out this dreamlike spookfest, his calm and overly rational demeanour is unsettling to say the least. Ghost Stories is different to many other mainstream horrors on the market at the moment, it is a really classy film working on twisting chills rather than cheap jump scares.

Ghost Stories is even more incredible on the second watch through, when you start to notice all the little hints and clues that are littered through out the film.

This scene was too much


Director- Ari Aster

Something all these horror round ups will have in common, is I am sure they will all include Hereditary and rightly so.

The problem I encountered with Hereditary was the hype train, now I am not one to generally ride that particular train however the buzz round Hereditary was too loud to ignore.

So I went into the movie with some level of expectation, expectations that at first watch I didn’t feel like the film lived up too. However after the second watch and a bit of consideration, Hereditary deserves to be on list list.

Toni Collette deserves the Oscar for her portrayal of a grief stricken mother struggling with her mental health and her issues with her mother.

Toni Collette deserves all the awards

The one that didn’t quite land the scare


Director- The Spierig Brothers

Now, I did promise a horror movie that didn’t quiet hit the mark and for me it was Winchester. That is not to say that I didn’t thoroughly enjoy it, because I absolutely did!

Winchester tells the tale of Sarah Winchester, of the famous Winchester Rifle makers, and her obsession with the ghosts of the victims killed by the rifle. In order to keep herself safe from the ghosts she has workmen work on the house 24hrs a day 7 days a week!

Now where this film failed to really unsettle me, however the subject matter intrigued me to no end! You can read more about the fascinating history behind Sarah Winchester and her haunted house here.

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